Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Khao Luang Cave is a magical place. The play of light creates a spectacle there

is a cave near the city of Phetchaburi in Thailand, which is famous not only for its caves and temples, but also… for its temples in caves.

Khao Luang is one of the attractions worth seeing while staying in this area. Five kilometers from the city center in the direction of Khao Wang, the hill of the holy city, a cave temple was built on a small hill nearby, only 92 meters high.

It is about a hundred years old and who wanted to build a temple on the top of Khao Luang in honor of King Mongkut, who once visited this cave.

King Chulalongkorn found the cave fascinating because of its stalactites and stalagmites. Due to the fact that there is an opening in it through which sunlight enters and reflects off the stones, visitors can see its entire impressive and beautiful interior. The opening also allows cool air to flow in, so it doesn’t get wet.

Mongkut, who noticed the beauty of the cave, had a 10-meter-high concrete staircase built from the foot of the mountain to the cave, and also obtained ancient Buddha images.

It is thanks to the Buddha statues and the hole through which light enters in a unique way that the cave is unique. , attracts tourists, not only for religious reasons, from all over the world.

The cave consists of a main chamber in which it is located and this is where the sunlight from the skylight enters. Just behind it we will see a large reclining Buddha. We can get to the smaller room, with the roots of the bodhi tree growing down the cave, through a narrow passage.

There are many Buddha statues in the cave, it is worth looking into the nooks and crannies where many ancient figures are hidden.

Inside the cave he is at different stages of his life.

they can take on a different dimension when you are there in the early morning. This is when rays of light enter through the skylights. They illuminate a circle on the ground and create a glow throughout the space. The smoke of the incense rises and fills the entire space.

You may then get the impression that this place is downright magical and that supernatural forces are at work here. Perhaps this force is the great golden Buddha, who sits just behind the falling beam of light and seems to be animated, looking at the visitors.

One of the most recognizable Buddha statues in Khao Luang is 16 meters high.

This is a very popular image in Thailand and depicts the Buddha at the moment of his death, sometimes it is also called the “sleeping Buddha”.

The Reclining Buddha is a depiction of the Buddha just before passing to the afterlife, with a calm and contented face. The monument was built in memory of his death and can be seen not only in Khao Luang.