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Jessica Alba: After a five-year break, she returns to the screens! Will she be the female equivalent of John Wick?

Jessica Alba she started her acting career as a teenager. It turned out to be her ticket to fame the role of the main character of James Cameron's series “Angel's Shadow”. She played the role of a genetically modified heroine who succeeds escape from a secret government facility.

The series aired for two seasons and on screen Michael Weatherly performed alongside Alba (“NCIS”). The role of a super-soldier who had to escape from enemies earned her a large group of fans. In 2005, Jessica Alba starred in “Fantastic Four”, a film adaptation of the adventures of a group of superheroes. This was before the new Marvel era, and the film was destroyed not only by critics, but also by viewers. Alba played the main character, Susan Storm / The Invisible Woman.

In the same year, Alba also appeared in “Sin City”, adaptation of the graphic novel by Frank Miller, which was one of the boldest roles of her career so far. Although the actress graced the covers of magazines, she revealed that she never agreed to bold scenes. Alba has stressed many times that the glamor of Hollywood will not turn her head.

“I'm shy” – she once said in an interview with Elle magazine.

Jessica Alba through the years regularly appeared on screens – she played in, among others, productions of “The Rich and the Rich”, “No Activity”, “LA's Finest” – a spin-off of the blockbuster “Bad Boys” with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Over time, however, Alba began to appear on screens less often, and finally took a five-year break from acting. She devoted herself to her family and took care of her own business.

Jessica Alba has been married to Cash Warren for sixteen years – an American film producer whom she met in 2008 on the set of the film “Fantastic Four”. Warren was an assistant director at the time. Today, the couple is raising three children. After five years, the actress returns to the screens. The production, in which she will play the main role, is Mula Surya's English-language debut.

Jessica Alba this time in the role of a qualified Special Forces commando. When the heroine takes over the family bar, has to face more than just everyday problems. It turns out that gang members will stand in her way, who spread terror in her hometown.

In scenes from the new trailer, we can see how Alba tries to be the female version of John Wick and uses various gardening tools to deal with enemies who disturb the peace in her hometown.

Starring Jessica Alba, Mark Webber, Tone Bell, Jake Weary, Gabriel Basso and Anthony Michael Hall. It is worth noting that Albie's on-screen partner Gabriel Basso is none other than the actor known for his role as Peter Sutherland in the Netflix hit series “The Night Agent”.

The film “Veteran” will debut on Netflix on June 21, 2024.

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