Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to play Batman? “It would be an honor”

Gyllenhaal took part in a casting for the film “Batman Begins” Christopher Nolan. Ultimately he lost to Christian Bale. However, this does not mean that he has given up his dreams of wearing the Bat suit.

In an interview for “Screen Rant”, Gyllenhaal mainly promoted his upcoming film “Road House”. When asked about playing Batman, the actor said that “it would be an honor.”

He immediately added that whenever he takes on a role in which one could previously see legends of stage and screen, he is aware of this heritage and is intimidated by it. “Such roles are classics,” he added. He admitted that he is currently scheduled to star in a new theater adaptation of “Othello” with him Denzel Washington. He will play the demonic Iago, previously played by, among others, Kenneth Branagh, Frank Finlay, Laurence Olivier and Christopher Walken.

After the interview, the actor is inundated with comments from fans who support his candidacy. “One interview. I knew. Someone asked me and it went. Of course, I would still be honored. Everyone would,” he later said in an interview with “Extra”.

Gyllenhaal’s dreams may soon come true. Although Robert Pattinson plays Gotham’s defender in the movies Matt Reeves, James Gunn is planning ‘The Brave and the Bold’, which will take place in the new DC Cinematic Universe. This means a completely new cast and no connection to the 2022 production. It should be noted that work on “The Brave…” is at an early stage. The script is not finished yet. So we shouldn’t expect any casting revelations in the near future.