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Izabela Trojanowska is on a roll again and is starting everything again

All I want today is for this year to be better for all of us than the last“- she confessed Izabela Trojanowska a few weeks ago, adding that she entered 2024 with confidence and with the conviction that she was once again starting all over again.

Those who know the star personally “Clan”, claim that she hasn’t been this happy for a long time. Not only did she finally manage to spend some time with her daughter Roxana, who currently lives in the United States, but fate also brought two artists from the Plastic Team into her path who, without hesitation, agreed to cooperate with her. Its first effect – a song “Sky over Warsaw” – Iza presented to fans on February 17.

Recent years have not been very good for Izabela Trojanowska. There was a moment when she stopped believing that something good would happen to her again. After her former manager took advantage of her and left her speechless in the middle of the tour season, she had a breakdown. Earlier, due to the pandemic, the shooting of “Klan” was canceled for several months. The actress, trapped in her Warsaw apartment, was counting down the days until she returned to work.

The actress does not hide that she survived difficult times only thanks to frequent conversations with her daughter Roxana. It was she, even though she now lives in the other hemisphere, who helped her overcome the paralyzing fear of the future.

“Now, when I’m not afraid, I remember my daughter’s words: ‘Mom, don’t be afraid to live. Life is a beautiful gift, you have to enjoy every day,'” she says.

A recent stay in Miami, Florida, holidays in an Indian village under palm trees, walks by the ocean and long conversations with Roxana made Izabela Trojanowska come alive. Immediately after returning to Poland, she hired a new PR manager and entrusted her professional affairs to him. She immediately performed for the Poznań audience on the stage of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, and at the same time showed off her new hairstyle, which made her look younger.

Isabella confirms that she is happy.

“I have a lot of friends, including new ones, a job that is my passion, a daughter that I am proud of, I am healthy. What more could you want?” – she says, and when asked where she sees herself in the next few years, she jokes that maybe she will retire and ride a donkey somewhere in Andalusia.

“I have many dreams, but when they come true, they will cease to be dreams. And I cannot live without them,” she confessed.

Izabela Trojanowska does not hide the fact that if her new song is successful, she will follow suit and plan to record an entire album. He certainly won’t give up singing and concerts.

I can’t imagine life without music” – claims.