Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

In the Polish People’s Republic, Wojciech Korda was a star. He lost his beloved wife in a tragic accident

Wojciech Korda (actually Wojciech Kędziora) performed in the band Blue and Black (check!) from the beginning of 1964 until the dissolution of the formation in 1976. The musician is, among others, winner of the Golden Ten of the Festival of Musical Talents in Szczecin (1962) and the Polish Song Festival in Opole (1965).

Wojciech Korda after leaving Blue and Black Krzysztof Klenczon (soon became co-founder Red Guitars) in July 1964 he also took over as the group’s guitarist.

In 1971, they appeared in an American television program “The Danny Sulivan Show”. After returning from the USA, they began trying to create the first Polish rock opera “Naga”, the premiere of which took place on April 22, 1973 at the Musical Theater in Gdynia. After staging approximately 150 performances of “Naked”, Niebiesko-Czarni performed more often abroad than in Poland.

After the group’s activities ended, Korda and his later wife Ada Rusowicz (there were still a couple left in Blue and Black) they created a duo Ada-Korda, which after three years became a formation Ada and Korda & Horda.

Together with their accompanying musicians, they performed in Sweden, Yugoslavia, Hungary, France, the Benelux countries, Finland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Bulgaria, the USA, Canada and the USSR.

On January 1, 1991, he returned with his wife Ada Rusowicz and new friends from the concert in Warsaw. As a result of a car accident near Poznań, everyone except Wojciech Korda died. He has two children from his marriage to Rusowicz, Bartholomew (born 1977) i Anna (born 1983), which he abandoned.

Ania Rusowicz, today a popular singer, was raised by her aunt and uncle and had no contact with her father until his death. “The truth is that I had a father throughout my childhood and youth. He was my uncle, to whom I called ‘Dad’ (…) I still have no contact with my biological father and I am even more outraged by the fact that he communicates with me through the media only now, when I have achieved something in my life and become a public figure,” she wrote in 2012.

Korda had been suffering from serious health problems for a long time. In 2015, he suffered his first stroke. He went through six of them in total. The musician was paralyzed for the rest of his life.

“The star has problems with movement, dysfunctional torso muscles and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is why he has to use an apnea machine,” “Super Express” reported at that time.

“Mr. Wojciech is just lying there, contact with him is difficult. As the Polish Music Foundation, we have been supporting him for seven years – from the beginning, when he suffered his first stroke. Mrs. Aldona, his wife, takes care of him. Her self-denial and knowledge about the sick person is admirable,” Tomasz Kopeć, president of the Polish Music Foundation, told Plejada in 2022. “The state is not efficient, the health service in Poland is what it is, in this case only the foundation can help. However, Mrs. Aldona is doing a gigantic job. She is the silent hero of this story,” Kopeć added then.

Before his death, he managed to reconcile with Anna Rusowicz. Wojciech Korda died on October 21, 2023, at the age of 79. “I forgive you, I release you, I let you go,” she wrote after he died. “In the face of death, there are no winners and no losers” – she said goodbye to him after the funeral, which took place on October 27, 2023.