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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A true master of supporting roles. Łukasz Simlat has talent!

Łukasz Simlat is a unique actor who has over 100 roles to his credit. Versatile, able to embody any character – in short, a unique man. Recently, we could watch him as a sergeant in the series “Rojst”, but its other incarnations are equally interesting. Let’s take a look at the career of this award-winning actor.

The actor’s beginnings were not easy. He was born in 1977 in Sosnowiec he had to grow up quickly. Only his mother, a doctor, took care of him, and at the age of ten he took on the duties of the only man in the house. As he recalls, it was not a matter of compulsion, and he is still grateful to his mother for the help he received – thanks to her, he was able to study at a theater school.

“I didn’t do it out of necessity, I just wanted to. When you’re the only guy in the house, sometimes you have to deal with the situation at an age inappropriate for it. (…) (Mom) She’s happy that I work. When I decided to go to drama school, she did everything she could to help me,” the actor admitted in an interview with “Elle Man”.

He developed a love for acting since his school days, and he went to study at the Theater Academy in Warsaw. To support himself, he took on various jobs, but he is not ashamed of how he started.

The biggest breakthrough was the role in the movie “Lovers from Marona” and since then he is a very busy actor.

Łukasz Simlat does not limit himself to a specific type of roles. Most viewers probably know him from his appearance in the series “BrzydUla”, where he played a comedic character, but he can also play a real tough guy who faces many adversities in life.

One recent role is that of a sergeant Adam Mika in the series “Rojst”. He has been attracting viewers’ attention for several years, he is an interesting, multi-dimensional character who is not afraid to make difficult decisions.

We could watch him in the series “1983”, which was created in cooperation with Netflix, a Canal+ production titled “Belfer”. In the series “Furioza” he appeared as Jacek Bauer – the story focused on a former hooligan who returns to the underworld as a police agent. If he does not cooperate, his brother, who leads a group of stadium thugs, will go to prison.

The series is definitely worth your attention “Mother”, in which the main character, investigative journalist Agnieszka (Olga Bołądź), tries to come to terms with the death of her 10-year-old son. When, a few years after the tragedy, Agnieszka’s husband Jacek (Łukasz Simlat) gets a job in the Netherlands, it seems to be the perfect time to start a new life. She is hindered by Rafał (Marcin Kowalczyk), who was the hero of one of Agnieszka’s reportages many years ago and is now serving a sentence for murder. Rafał asks Agnieszka for help in solving the crime. Unaware of the shocking truth she will discover, she becomes involved again in a seemingly closed case.

The actor does not like to share his private life and if he does boast about something, it is his professional achievements. However, he recently shared a small detail from his family life. He mentioned that he often shares his first ideas with his wife, but he does not practice roles with her.