Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

In Poland, 600,000 people came to Taylor Swift’s concerts. people. Now you can watch it at home

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is Taylor Swift’s concert film, which was released in cinemas around the world on October 13, 2023 and instantly became a bestseller.

This is a recording of the record-breaking concert tour of the popular singer. As soon as tickets went on sale, the AMC network recorded a new record. Never before has a film sold $26 million in tickets in one day. The previous record holder was a film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” with $16.9 million in the account.

Ultimately, on its opening weekend, the film z Taylor Swift it earned over $92 million, which was the second-best result for its October premiere weekend (only the film earned more “Joker” from 2019).

Globally, Swift’s film grossed over $261 million in theaters and was a more popular production than, among others, “Napoleon”, “The Marvels” and “Bloody Moon”. It is also worth noting that the singer did not sign a distribution contract with any film studio (she did it only during VOD/DVD distribution), but signed a direct contract with the AMC cinema chain. This move of the singer was praised by an Oscar winner Christopher Nolan.

“Taylor Swift is about to show it to the studios because her concert film is not distributed by them, but by the owner of AMC theaters and she will make a lot of money from it. And that’s the point, a theatrical release is a format and a way of seeing things and sharing stories and experiences , which is extremely valuable. And if the studios don’t want it, someone else will do it. That’s the truth,” he commented.

It seemed a matter of time before one of the streaming giants purchased the rights to the above-mentioned concert. Swift has collaborated with both in the past Netflixwhere her documentary was published “Miss Americana” and you could watch a concert film from her previous tour. However, in recent months it has Disney+ he strengthened his cooperation with the singer. It is on this website that you can watch Swift’s directorial debut, a documentary film “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions”.

And it’s a company founded by Walt Disney won the competition for possession in her library “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”. According to Variety, the corporation paid the singer $75 million for the rights to use her film.

In return, the website received an extended version of the concert, lasting 3.5 hours with additional songs such as: “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” “Maroon,” “You Are in Love” and “I Can See You.” “We are confident that fans will love being able to watch Taylor Swift’s video wherever they want,” he said Bob IgerCEO of Disney.

Taylor Swift launched a new, spectacular concert show, “The Eras Tour”, lasting over 3 hours (the artist performs over 40 songs during the concert) in March 2023. Her new tour includes over 150 performances. The tour started in the United States and is scheduled to end in December 2024 with three Vancouver shows in Canada.

– Taylor Swift’s tour will be the most profitable tour in history, in many countries, also in Poland, the interest far exceeds the number of tickets that are on sale, and as we know, in the United States alone, 14 million tried to buy a ticket – he told Interia about Taylor Swift’s concert tour Mikołaj Ziółkowskihead of the Alter Art Agency, which brought the singer to Poland.

The proceeds from tickets, T-shirts and CDs sold during concerts bring the singer approximately USD 11-12 million per performance.

The singer will come to Poland in 2024 for three concerts (August 1, 2 and 3). Over 600,000 people were interested in getting tickets to her performances. people.

According to data provided by Pollstar, Taylor Swift for the 60 concerts she played in 2023, she sold 4.35 million tickets, which translated into revenues of $1.04 billion. An additional 200 million in revenue was generated by merchandise sales during the tour. In 2024, Swift’s tour is expected to make its second billion.