Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“I was floored.” In “The Voice Kids” they found a new Wodecki

During the blind auditions in “The Voice Kids” Kuba Młynarz decided to perform the song “Start with Bach” Zbigniew Wodecki (check!). The participant not only sang, but also played the trumpet. However, this was not what surprised the coaches the most.

They turned the seats around Cleo and Natasza Urbańska. The coaches were very impressed with the young musician. “Elegant,” she commented.

“My dear, what a class, really well done,” she began. “Jakub, I'll tell you that I'm simply intimidated by your presence, your voice, and the fact that you play. I blushed as usual. You're amazing, you have a beautifully set voice. And I'll tell you, I'm impressed,” said the coach.

“Where do you come from with such class and elegance? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great, but I watch young people your age, but it's a slightly different planet,” she asked. Cleo.

“I'm a man, so I have to present myself on stage,” the participant replied.

Urbańska and she asked Kuba whether manners also follow the clothes. When she got an affirmative answer, she was delighted. “This is a very nice mix. There is a young person who has the courage to put on a tuxedo, take a trumpet and play it great. There is class, there is style. If you would like to sing some cool things from years ago, I invite you to my team” – she stated.

This encouragement worked because the young musician decided to continue working with the trainer.

Kuba Młynarz is 13 years old. He is a nice and intelligent teenager. He associates his future with music. He loves singing and playing the trumpet. His artistic achievements include many achievements in national and international competitions. He dreams of his own album, and for now he is working on his own single,” we read on the website of “The Voice Kids”.