Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Hot phone charger – this portends problems

After a whole day of work, we connect the phone to our charger to fill the battery. After some time, however, it begins to become noticeably warm – which may be disturbing for many of us. Is this a normal phenomenon? It turns out that to some extent yes and we don't have to worry right away.

Direct current is supplied to the charging cube, which we insert into the socket, and is converted into alternating current. This is what powers the cell in our phone. Due to the way it works, some of the energy is dissipated as heat. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the fact that , just like our phone. It gets worse when temperatures start to reach alarming levels.

Reasons for worry arise when . Its temperature is so high that we can hardly touch it, and contact with the device may even lead to burns. What to do in that case? Disconnect the charger from the power supply as soon as possible. There may be several reasons for this state of affairs, including:

  • Faulty charger element, e.g. connector or cable
  • Damaged charging socket on the phone
  • Defective charger
  • Charger incompatible with our phone model
  • Inappropriate charging conditions for the phone, e.g. on a soft surface without air circulation

The most common reasons listed are: Some of us try to save money by buying a phone charger from an unknown company. The cable or cube will not necessarily meet rigorous standards. They may also simply not be suitable for charging our phone, which may cause heating, battery failure or even fire.

On the market we will find basically . Original (e.g. chargers from Samsung for this company's phones), good quality substitutes (from reputable companies), but also products from unknown manufacturers, often imported from China for little money. It is obvious that the first option seems to be the most reasonable. We can also try to buy a good product from an external company that has good reviews. such as Green Cell or Baseus.

However, let's avoid cheap fakes and unmarked products without clearly defined standards and certificates. This is a big risk that can lead to serious consequences. this is a simple recipe for phone failure or burns.