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“Golden Boy” episode 191-195. Episode summary. Where to watch?

In the series “Golden Boy” the owner of an Istanbul jewelry company, Halis Korhan, is worried about his grandson Ferit, who runs it a carefree life full of romance. He decides to marry him to a suitable girl from his hometown of Gaziantep. Ferit agrees, believing it will only be a formality. Halis asks her daughter-in-law, Ifakat, to found the right candidate. Ifakat goes to Gaziantep and meets the wealthy Kazim, who sees this as an opportunity for his daughters, Suna and Seyran. Ifakat chooses Suna, but Ferit falls in love with Seyran.

Halis decides to personally handle Pelin's case and asks her for consent to a DNA test. Pelin goes to hospital, where doctors try to help her. Akin finally reveals his identity to Seyran and stays by her side as she supports Ferit in the hospital. Ferit is angry with his grandfather for not taking care of his own son, who is in prison. Halis promises to help Orhan.

Halis orders a DNA test on Pelin's baby to confirm paternity. He also decides to help Orhan and goes to the prison, where he learns that the prisoner has been beaten. He doesn't know who is responsible for this attack. Seyran has suspicions about the responsibility for this attack, recalling his father's conversations with Okkes. Doctors have difficulty treating Pelin. Kaya is upset with Suna's behavior as she constantly supports Ferit.

Sehmuz does not inform his sister about Pelin's poor health. Kazim meets Akin, Okkes' nephew. Nevra comes to the hospital and convinces Ferit that he will be happy with her. Halis tries unsuccessfully to get Orhan out of prison. Distraught, Ferit calls Seyran.

Kaya begins to notice Suna i's strange behavior he becomes jealous of Ferit. Suna goes to the hospital where the dying Pelin is to comfort Ferit. Seyran encourages Ferit to lie to Pelin about the baby. Orhan is sure he will be released from prison, but it doesn't happen.

Halis welcomes an old, influential friend, hoping that he will help get Orhan out of prison. Okkes remembers the past and feels resentment towards Halis, which causes him to have negative emotions towards the Korhan family. Kazim is dissatisfied with Seyran's relationship with Ferit and considers her marriage to another person.

The series “Golden Boy” is broadcast on the channel TVP 1 from Monday to Friday at 2:00 p.m. New episodes will premiere according to the schedule below:

  • Episode 191 of “The Golden Boy” on Monday, June 3.
  • Episode 192 of “The Golden Boy” on Tuesday, June 4.
  • Episode 193 of “The Golden Boy” on Wednesday, June 5.
  • Episode 194 of “The Golden Boy” on Thursday, June 6.
  • Episode 195 of “The Golden Boy” on Friday, June 7.

All previous episodes can be viewed at TVP VOD streaming platform. The series is available online, allowing viewers to catch up at any time.