Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

His death still raises many doubts. Will these recordings put an end to rumors about Kurt Cobain's death?

Death of the hit creator “Smells Like Teen Spirit” over the years, it has provoked fans and conspiracy theorists to voice many controversial opinions and accusations. It was suspected that Kurt Cobain was murdered, of which even the musician's widow was accused, Courtney Love. A new document, “Moments That Shook Music: Kurt Cobain”, station BBC intends to put an end to all myths and conspiracy theories.

“The documentary, told exclusively through rare archival footage – some of which has never been published before – is a moving account of the days leading up to the tragic moment in 1994 when Cobain took his own life,” announced the BBC in an official statement.

The film will intersperse footage captured by the band's fans and reporters, as well as touching accounts of the musician's friends and relatives, police testimony, as well as archival interviews with Cobain. The strong point of the film will be the touching account of an electrician, Gary Smithwho found Kurt's body while installing a security system at his Seattle home.

The tragic news of the singer's suicide spread around the world on April 8, 1994. However, the autopsy showed that the musician had died three days earlier from a gunshot to the head. Syringes and a farewell letter addressed to his fans, daughter and wife were found near his body.

The circumstances of the brilliant artist's death triggered many conspiracy theories that are still cherished by many today. Their “queen”, however, is the fact that it was not the leader's corpse at all Nirvana (check!), who – fed up with fame – faked his death and slipped away somewhere to the end of the world.

In 2021, the FBI decided to put an end to speculation about the musician's death and released materials collected by the agency about Cobain's death.

It is only 10 pages long and contains, among others: descriptions of letters from people who believe Cobain was murdered. And it was done by a professional, because, for example, there were no fingerprints on the gun with which he allegedly shot himself, and the suicide note looks like it was written in two different handwritings.

The reaction of FBI officials shows that they have decided not to get involved in the case. Anyone who wrote to the agency about Cobain's alleged murder received a boilerplate response: “We appreciate the concern that Mr. Cobain may have been the victim of a homicide. However, most homicide investigations generally fall under the jurisdiction of state or local authorities.”