Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He won “The Voice Senior”, he showed how he lives on TVP. “This is my paradise”

In the final of the fifth edition of “The Voice Senior”, the students will fight for the win Maryla Rodowicz, Halina Frąckowiak, Alicja Węgorzewska and Tomasz Szczepanik: Tadeusz Talarek, Małgorzata Kraszkiewicz, Róża Frąckiewicz, Regina Rosłaniec Bavcevic, Roman Wojciechowski, Lucyna Mazur and Piotr Salata and Wojciech Kwiatkowski.

There will also be special guests at the end of the season. Viewers will see performances Tre Voci, Sława Przybylska and Zbigniew Zarankekwinners of the previous edition “The Voice Senior”.

Zbigniew Zaranek since the beginning of the fourth edition “The Voice Senior” was tipped as the program’s favorite. Also in the final episode, recorded in 2022, the singer showed off his great side.

The participant moved the audience with his performances of songs Czesław Niemen “This is a strange world” (listen!) and “I don’t see you in my dreams” Skaldów (Look!). There were no surprises in the final. During the final episode of the program, already broadcast live, Zaranek was announced the winner of the show.

The finalist of “The Voice Senior” won not only a statuette and PLN 50,000. zlotys. In an interview for Jastrząb Post, he said what the above-mentioned sum would be used for.

“I definitely have household expenses. I also want to do something with the car. But generally I would like to spend it on activities related to art and music. I would like to make a song, maybe two. We are currently making a song called ‘Let’s experience it again’, with with my music and lyrics by Zbyszek Grabowski. It’s a nice song, with a great song. Maybe in some time it will see the light of day and maybe it will work. In short: for development, continuation of career and life,” he said.

Zaranek lives in Wągrowiec. After his success in the program, he was visited by the cameras of “Pytania na breakfast” Mateusz Szymkowiak. Zaranek also talked about his house in “Fakt”.

“This house is a longer story. My grandfather, born in 1908, wanted to go to the army, to the artillery, and there he lost 70 percent of his hearing. He received a pension and for this he bought land and built the house where I live. I treat it as my paradise. When in spring I go out to the garden, it’s like paradise. In the summer, at dawn, I ride my bike to the lake, where I take ecological baths. It’s a soap-free bath,” explained Zbigniew Zaranek.

On a plot of half a hectare, Zaranek lives in two houses with his mother Zofia and aunt Krystyna. “Some of the funds obtained from TVP will also go to renovating the house. I will spend them on recordings and I want to finish renovating my grandfather’s magical house, which is my paradise. I want to repair my car and go somewhere with my wife. I hope that I will be healthy and I will be able to cope with everything challenges. I would also like to perform in Opole, it’s a legendary festival, every singer dreams of it,” the winner revealed to “Fakt” at that time “The Voice Senior”.

Zbigniew Zaranek he started his adventure with music by playing the accordion, playing with his uncles and singing in the church choir. Then he wandered into completely different areas. In 1982 he founded a metal band Creon.

In the 1980s, Kreon was one of the most interesting and recognizable Polish heavy metal/thrash bands and the winner of many plebiscites. In 1985, the band (also known as Kreon Phobia Test) became one of the winners of the festival in Jarocin. The group ceased to operate in the following decade and was reactivated many years later, with Zaranek once again at its head.

In the last decade of the 20th century, Zaranek left Poland. As he admitted, he came to Germany “for bread.” “I did various things, plastering, painting… I had a brother in Frankfurt and every time I came to see him, I had some job. But I also played the accordion and I had such an adventure that once I earned 160 marks in two hours.” – he recalled on TVP.

In the years 1982 – 1983 Zaranek performed alongside Krzysztof Cugowski. In 1997, Zbigniew Zaranek appeared in “Chance for Success” and was honored during the episode whose guest was Ewa Bem.

The future winner of “The Voice Senior” also performed in the concert of the winners of “Szansa na success” in the Congress Hall, where he could sing the song “Tomatoes” together with Ewa Bem. “You are a freelancer, that’s what I wrote down… That’s good, we’ll pass the message on to law enforcement agencies,” he joked Wojciech Mann.

“Zbyszek is close Al Jarreau. He sings great,” he summed up his performance at that time Zbigniew Wodecki. Zaranek also appeared on TVP, among others: in 2011, when he sang again in “Chance for Success”, this time in the episode dedicated to Ursulaand also in 2012, when, together with the Kreon band, he promoted the album in the “Kawa czy tea” program.