Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Elvis Presley’s wife sued. It was revealed in court what happened to her property

Priscilla Presley was sued by a former business partner Brigitte Kruse, with which she started cooperation in 2022. The ladies then established a company Priscilla Presley Partners. The plaintiff claims that as part of the project, she helped the actress conclude a lucrative contract regarding the creation of a famous film adaptation of her memories and in resolving a property dispute after the daughter’s death.

As we remember, Priscilla tried to challenge the will Lisa Marie, from which she was excluded. She reached a settlement with Riley’s granddaughter last spring Keoughwho was named the primary beneficiary of the deceased artist’s trust fund.

Court documents obtained by TMZ show that two years ago, Presley asked Kruse to manage her finances. She was hired as a manager and majority shareholder in Priscilla Presley Partners. The plaintiff claims that Presley was facing financial disaster when she took over. She was allegedly two months away from bankruptcy. According to Kruse, it was thanks to her efforts that the actress avoided falling into ruin. Now he accuses her of violating the terms of the contract and failing to pay the due remuneration.

The attorney representing Presley Marty Singer presented a completely different version of events.
“Ms. Kruse and her associate attempted to misappropriate Ms. Presley’s assets and engaged in numerous other offenses. Long before filing this fraudulent lawsuit, Ms. Kruse misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are confident that my client will be exonerated,” the lawyer said in a statement. The amount of compensation claimed by the author of the lawsuit has not been made public. The next hearing is scheduled to take place within the next 45 days.