Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He was Roxie Węgiel’s first boyfriend. It has changed so much that it is difficult to recognize it today!

Daniel Yastremski (check!) was born in Cincinnati, United States. In 2018, he was elected to represent Belarus (that’s where his family comes from). Eurovision Song Contest 2018which took place in Minsk, Belarus.

The hosts’ representative took 11th place, and she was the winner Roksana Węgiel with a hit “Anyone I Want To Be” (Look!). It quickly turned out that the young singers became a couple.

“He contacted me through social media. All the participants of the competition did the same. We wanted to get to know each other before we started competing with each other in Belarus. And so, from word to word, Daniel and I organized a double live broadcast on the Internet,” Roxie said in “Party” .

“He was the one who finally made me understand what it means to have butterflies in my stomach,” she said about her first boyfriend.

Their relationship ended in 2019 when Roxie was 14 years old. Currently, the singer is associated with a producer and composer Kevin Mglej – the couple plans to get married this year.

In turn, Daniel Yastremski is trying to develop his musical career. On Instagram (where he is followed by 50,000 fans) we can see how much he has changed since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.