Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“He was remembered by many people.” Bolec died unexpectedly. It has been 15 years since his death

HurtThat is Grzegorz Borek (check!) was born on July 20, 1971 in Kraków. He started his musical adventure in a group Homo Twist as a drummer. Then he tried his hand at the band Dynamind. This time, however, not as a drummer but as a vocalist.

In 1997, he released his debut hip-hop album “Żeby jest miłość”, whose style refers to, among others, for business Cypress Hill. He took care of the production Bogusław Pezda With Aggressive 69 and Piotr Jakubowicz from Group Dynamind. The first reviews of the album were positive, but the hip-hop community did not accept Bolc’s work.

– And as for his album, the album “To make it nice” it’s actually one of the first Polish albums released by a major label. It wasn’t on the market yet Molesta’s “Scandal”.. I think that the deal with Pomaton was helped by his manager – his son Kory, Mateusz Jackowski. Mateusz had various backgrounds and connections. I suppose that’s how it had to happen, but I’m not sure. Bolec had big plans for the album. He wanted to record more albums, play concerts and live a rap life. He was very involved in this project. He had a vision that it would be nice, that it would be nice – he said in an interview with Interia Mr. Crime.

On the one hand, cooperation with a mainstream label could prove problematic, at a time when the hip-hop community viewed such moves with suspicion. Bolec also had no problem appearing at media events.

In addition DJ 600 Volt accused the rapper of copying samples from the mix L.A. Riots (he also used the same samples Liroy), which completely undermined Bolc’s position on the Polish scene. Bolc’s album suffered a sales failure. Despite the support of a major label, only 10,000 copies of his debut were sold.

– It wasn’t exactly well received by the rap community, that’s for sure. Although in some circles it has cult status. I think it was more aimed at a “general” audience. He was very pleased with the album itself, but with the reception? I don’t remember that anymore. He was riding the wave of such… general enthusiasm back then. (laughter) Let’s put it that way – he recalled Bolc’s debut years later Mr. Crime.

So Bolec changed his mind and focused on acting. Together with Paweł Kukiz played the main role in the film “Monday” (1998 year) and “Tuesday” (2002). Both productions used the rapper’s songs. For his role in “Monday”, Bolec received the Jantar’99 award for the best male role at the Koszalin Film Debut Festival Młodzi i Film. He also had episodes including: in the series “Pitbull” and “Sex FM”, and also appeared in the Television Theater.

His last musical episodes included: cooperation with Bandog and guest verses for groups Skankan, Tewu and Sponta.

The activities of 38-year-old Bolc were interrupted by his sudden death on February 27, 2009. There was speculation that Borek committed suicide, but the rapper’s and actor’s friends did not believe this.

“Suicide doesn’t suit me at all. He was a guy with broad horizons, full of energy and willingness to act,” he recalled in “Gazeta Krakowska” Maciej Maleńczuk.

“A man left us who didn’t pretend anything in life, had a lot of potential, was always smiling and could make me laugh in every situation,” he said about Bolec. Peja on the website.

She spoke in a slightly different tone Małgorzata Kożuchowska. “He had enormous talent, great sensitivity, charisma, sense of humor. However, his living problems meant that he kept returning to drugs, dealing and alcohol. It was a closed circle. There was no chance for the story to end well…” – she commented for

After Bolc’s death, his most popular song “Zeby jest nice” was used in the film “U Pana Boga za Miedź”. In 2013, Bolc’s posthumous album “Regenerat” was also released. The rapper was appreciated after the death of, among others, by the creators of “Anthology of Polish Rap”. Today he is considered one of the pioneers of Polish rap.

– He is remembered by many people. He was a very characteristic figure. He reminds me of a smiling, sensitive and positive guy who was everywhere. He was the life of the party and a bit of a crazy guy. If I hadn’t met him, I would probably have a completely different opinion about him. He showed me that you can’t be afraid to pursue your own plans – said Mr. Interia. Crime in 2022.