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He sang Wodecki and became a revelation on the Polish stage. Who is Wiktor Waligóra?

Daniel Kiełbasa, Interia: On July 7 you will perform at a concert during Earth Festival in Uniejów. Do you already know what you will perform on stage?

Wiktor Waligóra: – I will sing “The Story of One Acquaintance” Red Guitarsin a duet Julka Pietrucha a beautiful classic, namely “Let the apple trees just bloom”. I also have an unexpected medley of 3 different songs with 2 other vocalists, but I may not reveal that yet.

I got the arrangements from Janka Stokłosa and I really like what he wrote. The repertoire of the 60s and 70s is rather unfamiliar to me, so it’s nice to get to know these numbers, because I haven’t listened to some of them. And Janek’s arrangements are really very interesting.

This is your second concert on Polsat, because you also played at the Polsat Hit Festival. How was it to perform on the stage of the famous Forest Opera?

– We actually played a concert there. Water Twist and I really liked it. The Forest Opera has something magical about it and you feel different there than on any other stage. We also had a really cool audience. I remember being a bit intimidated by all the cameras, all the technology. It was the first time I had anything like that, but I remember that concert really well and it was great to sing there.

Is the Uniejów festival the beginning of a summer of concerts for you?

– I start them on Men’s Playing in Żywiec, where I will play my first concert with my band (the concert was held before the start Men’s Playing – editor’s note), which I am very happy about, because I have been waiting for a long time to play my own material. In the summer we will play a little solo, a little with my colleagues from Project WOW and the team Water Twist. And the stop in Uniejów will certainly be one of the most interesting moments of this vacation.

You mentioned Męskie Granie. It is the performances there that are mentioned as the ones that helped you break through. How did it happen that Kamil Pater invited you to sing Wodecki?

– It was quite surprising and for a long time I was curious myself how it happened that I – a total amateur debutant – found myself among such an excellent group of musicians. It turned out that someone showed Kamil my recordings from YouTube and he liked them so much that he invited me to the project and thus opened all the doors for me to further my career and to continue working in this industry.

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Since you mention the YouTube channel, was that the turning point in running it? You have videos on it, including those with Natalia Przybysz, which have gone viral. Do you think any of the videos were particularly important in launching your career?

– The breakthrough for this channel is the fact that I don’t really run it anymore (laughter). So you could call it a breakthrough. So many interesting things happened there that I think the strictly online stage is behind me. Kamil’s invitation allowed me to take a step forward. This adventure with YouTube was very important to me. I liked doing it, but it’s time for more things.

Do you think that the role of social media in music promotion will increase and continue to replace traditional media?

– That’s how it is now. It’s already happening, unfortunately. It’s obvious that it’s a complex issue. Social media has become a big part of life for people my age at this point. It’s understandable that it’s the most obvious way to show your music. That’s why I’m actively involved in it, among others.

But I have a hard time with social media. I’ve never really delved into it. I try to be a bit of an idealist and it seems to me that good music should speak for itself. But we’re really flooded with so much content from every side, we’re bombarded with new stuff and people who want to brag about it, that a lot of music is starting to get lost in it. It’s harder to break through.

Your career in social media, which we’ve been talking about, developed very naturally. You did covers, eventually someone took an interest in them, you got your chance and now you’re getting more and more attention. Did you ever think about taking a shortcut, like getting into a talent show?

– Generally, I’m not a fan of such programs that are shown on TV. Because I wonder how much of such shows are really about music. For me, it was always about showing the most real me, even in these covers, showing that I can sing – although not that well at the time. And I was afraid of TV because of that, because it didn’t seem sincere to me, or something I would find my place in. I always try to do things on my own terms, and there it wasn’t necessarily possible.

And I’m proud that I did it. I can be an example that something can be achieved without television and that I could build my brand without it, especially considering what you mentioned, the growing importance of social media.

Let’s clarify one more thing. What’s it like being a talented football player?

– It’s a funny story. Since September, they’ve been asking me about it in every conversation. And I’m constantly correcting it. It’s some kind of fake. I’m a hobbyist and backyard footballer at best. I was always one of the worst and there was no chance of me becoming a professional. It’s fun for me like it is for thousands of other kids.

Is the story about going to the United States true?

– Yes, I’ve been to the States, but I played football there more as an extracurricular activity. It’s very popular there. Half of the school played there, but that doesn’t mean that every one of them is an athlete.

I’ll bring up the subject of the States. Have you ever thought about trying to do something with your music career there?

– I was in the US for a year and that was the plan from the beginning, so I couldn’t stay any longer. Of course, it would be great to make a career in the US, because you immediately promote yourself to the whole world. But it would be incredibly hard to break through there. Especially since I would have to write in English, a language I don’t use on a daily basis. It would be hard, so I didn’t think about trying anything there.

Wiktor Waligóra

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Your debut album is coming out on August 23rd. You’ve already released a few singles, do you plan on releasing any more before the premiere? Do you have a promotional plan to interest listeners in your album?

– I don’t think there will be any more singles. But that could change, of course. There’s also an EP from Projekt Wow coming out on the way, and we hope that someone will be interested in that too.

The concerts they will be playing during the holidays will definitely be a great way to reach the listener. We are also planning a promotional campaign strictly connected with playing this material in new arrangements, but I don’t have the details figured out yet. I certainly wouldn’t want this premiere to go unnoticed, so I will do everything I can to make as many people as possible find out about this album.

What can you expect from her?

– This is my non-chronological diary of the last two years, and it was quite a breakthrough period for me, because I took my first steps in the professional world of making music. And I recently finished writing my final exams. I have a lot of thoughts from that period. I approach certain things emotionally.

There’s a bit of pop on the album, there are nice ballads. I tried to sneak in some rock sounds, so it’s a mix and I think everyone will probably find something for themselves on this album.

I’ll also ask about PROJECT WOW. Where did the idea come from to work on numbers from the early 21st century?

– We assumed that in Poland for a few years now there has been a fashion for refreshing old songs, but we always stop at the 90s. We like to cover Maanamwe like to cover Lady Pankbut somehow at some point we set an invisible boundary and don’t touch later songs.

For us, these songs are the years of our childhood, when we learned our first songs. I have a lot of videos with songs Piotr Rubikwhere I clap along. So we decided that since a given fashion comes back every 20 years on average, and no one has yet taken on these songs, we would get ahead of the trends. With each of the numbers, we tried to move away from the originals as much as possible, so that each of them would be unique. We were looking for a new incarnation for them, and I think we did it well.

Have you received any feedback from any of the artists you’ve covered?

– No one wrote to us personally, but since they are co-authors, there must have been some acceptance from their side for it to go further. So it wasn’t bad enough for someone to forbid us from doing so. However, recently we posted a film in which we sang the song Ania Dabrowskaand on social media we gave the caption: “Do you see these three and what are you doing?” Ania Dąbrowska commented that she would join in the singing. That was very nice.

How did listeners approach the songs?

– It is known that in this case there is a risk that someone may not like the form. But the response was mostly positive. And if someone did not like it, it means that we achieved our goal, because we have departed as far from the original as we had intended.

The concert will be broadcast on Polsat TV and on the Interia Home Page from 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 7.

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