Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He gave up stimulants and started overeating. He heard a serious diagnosis

Pete Doherty is the founder and leader of the rock group The Libertines (listen!). He composes and writes the lyrics of her songs. In the rock world, Doherty is also a highly controversial figure. Just as often as his musical activities, one could read about scandals, problems with the law and problems with stimulants. The press also wrote about his relationship with Amy Winehouse (check!).

The artist has been to several rehabs, and was kicked out of one of them due to “a bad influence on other patients.” “I know that my lifestyle is ridiculous and that I shouldn’t treat myself this way. Despite everything, I can’t give up this pleasure at the moment,” he said. In recent years, he has been detained for possession of illegal substances, but also for, among others, starting a fight (in November 2019).

Since then, the now 44-year-old musician has decided to pull himself together. He lived with his wife Katia Da Vidas (member The Puta Madras) in the small town of √Čtretat located in Normandy (France). There he found peace, became the father of a daughter, Billie-May and became free from substances that he once took in huge quantities. “For years, I used to stay awake for five or six days, then I slept all day long. So yes, now I love sleeping,” he said some time ago in an interview with The Sun. He only complained that the nearest McDonald’s was 40 minutes from his location.

During this time, Doherty’s love became French cheese produced close to home. When the star gave up his previous addictions, he quickly found new ones – food, sweets and alcohol.

In an interview with The Libertines for The Guardian, the musician stated that giving up his old lifestyle helped him get back on his feet, but he unexpectedly fell into the trap of rather inconspicuous, everyday habits. He admits that he was told that his health is currently worse than when he took it. “I gave up the main poisons and my health improved. (…) And then someone tells you that alcohol, cheese and sugar are equally bad, and you were healthier when you took it,” says Doherty.

The artist admitted that he has a problem with eating. “Yes, I’m a bit of a glutton, it’s no joke. They diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. And at the moment I lack the discipline to fight cholesterol,” he said.

Carl Barat, that is, his bandmate said in the same interview that he was not surprised that Pete Doherty was still alive after so many experiences. “No, he’s too smart to be dead. He never wanted to die.”

The first symptoms of type 2 diabetes that Pete Doherty suffers from include: urinary frequency, feeling of constant thirst, feeling tired, sudden vision problems, or sudden weight loss. In addition, people who have a family member (e.g. parents, siblings) who has already been diagnosed with diabetes, obese people, and those over 40 years of age are also at risk.