Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He appealed to Sanah for an album of Christmas carols: “It would be a hit.” He has already talked to Maryla Rodowicz

Michał Matczak (Mat) is a 23-year-old rapper who caused a stir on the music scene with his songs. The artist’s songs are breaking popularity records. The most popular numbers he has released so far include: “I AM POJ384NY” (listen), ““Patointelligence” (listen) Whether “Parrot”(listen). There is often a lot of controversy surrounding Mata. An exemplary example is his declaration to run in the presidential elections in 2040. He then posted a special speech on YouTube in which he revealed his demands.

2022 was full of ups and downs for Mata. The rapper had problems with the law, and his fans did not fully appreciate his alter ego, i.e Chained Bobo, with which he was supposed to encourage the fight for the decriminalization of marijuana in Poland. However, the rapper could not complain about the lack of popularity. His concert tour turned out to be a success, Mata also appeared on the cover of Polish “Vogue” as the first man. In 2023, he published a new album “<33".

The rapper appeared in the third episode of the new program “Authentic”. It was quite a surprise because, as he himself admitted, it is not easy for him to be questioned. It was in the TVN show that he confessed that he was on the autism spectrum.

However, there were also questions about musical plans – when asked about the possibility of working with sanahanother star of the young generation, Mata revealed that he had been thinking about it recently.

“I was coming back from Barcelona and suddenly a thought occurred to me, as if I had made an album of Christmas carols with Sanah. It would have been a hit,” said Mata, and then turned to a direct appeal to the singer.

“Sanah, if you’re watching this, let’s make an album with Christmas carols. Maybe we’ll make it this year, I think it would be a bestseller,” he appealed. Then another question was asked about Maryla Rodowicz. The rapper revealed that he was planning a joint project with the legend of Polish song, but only revealed that talks on this subject were ongoing.