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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Harry Hole”: Netflix adapts the cult series by Jo Nesbø. It’s going to be a big hit

Harry Hole is the main character of a series of crime novels by Jo Nesbø. Thirteen novels have been written about him so far. Hole is a classic example of a rebellious and uncompromising policeman, with very unconventional working methods and as many friends as enemies.

The series is extremely popular all over the world. The books featuring Hole have so far sold over fifty million copies.

Netflix decided to bring this literary phenomenon to the screen. The premiere of the series with the working title “Harry Hole” is scheduled for 2026. The script is written by Jo Nesbø himself.

In the past, an attempt was made to adapt one of the writer’s books. In 2017, “The First Snow” was released in cinemas with Michael Fassbender in the main role. However, the production turned out to be an artistic and commercial failure.

The first series of “Harry Hole” is to be based on “Pentagram”, the fifth part of the series. “The dangerous Courier of Death wanders the streets of Oslo. He leaves characteristically mutilated corpses at the crime scene. The Norwegian police mobilize all their forces to capture the perpetrator and prevent further murders. Two eternal enemies ally in the fight against the elusive murderer: Commissioner Harry Hole and Tom Waaler – an extremely talented investigator. Harry is going through difficult times. Tormented by addiction, tormented by the unexplained death of Ellen, his former partner, he feels that his personal and professional life is falling apart. The case of the Death Courier is to be the last in his so far brilliant career,” the Polish publisher describes the plot of the crime story. .