Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Alex Proyas criticizes the new “Kruk”. It was about Brandon Lee’s legacy

“Seeing the negatives of any filmmaker’s work does not bring me joy,” he wrote Proyas in a message on one of the social networking sites. “I’m sure all the cast and crew members had good intentions (…). It pains me to bring this up, but I think the fan response says it all. (‘Raven’) This is not ‘Just’ movie. Brandon Lee died on set, and the completed work is a testament to his genius and tragic loss. This is his legacy. And that’s how it should stay.”

In his post, Proyas also shared a link to an article that indicated the overwhelming amount of negative opinions about the trailer of the new “The Raven”.

The film is an adaptation of the graphic novel by James O’Barr from 1989. It told the story of Eric Draven. He and his girlfriend Shelly are murdered by a local gang. A year after the murder, the man returns as a ghost to punish those responsible for the crime. In Proyas’ film, Draven was played by Brandon Lee. In the new version, this role has been fulfilled Bill Skarsgård.

He directed the upcoming film Rupert Sanderscreator “Ghost in the Shell”. Shelly was played by singer FKA Twigs. They played other roles Danny HoustonLaura Birn, Sami Bouajila, Jordan Bolger and Isabella Wei.

The first “The Raven” went down in history because of the tragedy that occurred at the final stage of filming. Lee was shot by actor Michael Massee’ego. It turned out that there was live ammunition in the barrel of the gun he received. Despite immediate help, Lee’s life could not be saved. The shooting of “The Raven” was completed and the film was dedicated to the star’s memory.

Sanders admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that everyone was aware of the constant associations between Lee’s tragedy and the character of Draven. “We were aware of that during filming. Brandon was the original voice of (Eric) and he will always be put alongside it ‘Raven’. “I hope he would be happy with what we did and how we brought this history back,” he said.

New “Raven” will have its world premiere on June 6, 2024.