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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Gentlemen”: The first hit of this spring? Guy Ritchie’s new series is good entertainment and a great spin-off

Eddie (Theo James) has a problem. Actually, there are several problems. The first is the provision in his father’s will and the obligations associated with it. The second – the older brother (Daniel Ings), who has no interest in life at all, focusing mainly on having fun and taking substances to… improve his mood. However, the most headache-inducing problem is the quite dynamic and not very legal business operating in a dairy on a country estate that he suddenly inherited from his deceased father. Not to mention very original and eccentric representatives of the British underworldwho quickly appear on the doorstep of his house.

Series “Gentlemen” is a spin-off of Guy Ritche’s film of the same title from 2019, which was quite popular. It can be easily said that the new Netflix production, created in cooperation with the British director, is a worthy extension of the original.

As we know, Guy Ritchie’s films stand out the specificity of the story and sense of humor. And here the creator will not disappoint his fans. There is an intriguing plot, interesting plot solutions, refined dialogues, changing alliances and lack of respect for certain sanctities. So there will be both a stronger joke and a scene. You will find more below four reasons why it’s worth seeing new series debuting today Netflix.

Although at the beginning of the series Eddie finds himself in a situation that seems to be beyond him, it soon turns out that it is the makings of a good player in the British underworld. Sussie (Kaya Scodelario) runs the business, which means they have to work together. Two different characters, two different approaches to solving new, complicated problems. Theo James (“Divergent”, “The White Lotus”) and Scoledario (“The Maze Runner”, “Spinning Out”) they form an alliance, dissolve an alliance, and conspire as much as they can.

“The Gentlemen” is really enjoyable to watch. After all, our heroes must have a plan for each new, and often absurd, situation. Original, fast and efficient. This means that there are no excessive lengths in the eight-episode story, it has a fast pace and an engaging story.

Although from many of the series’ characters evokes sympathy, Jimmy is the undisputed master of the background (Michael Vu), one of the most sympathetic and naive characters of recent months. In the empire, Susie is committed to the company’s “product” and often gets herself and the rest of the team into trouble without even realizing it.

“The Gentlemen” has a lot of absurd scenes and an original team of characters, but it is this specificity that makes the series a really good title. To avoid spoilers, we can recall the first promotional photos in which we could see one of the characters dressed as a chicken. And to think that In a sense, a real avalanche of events will begin from this thread.

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