Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga”: One of the most anticipated films of the year. The trailer is jaw-dropping

When the world falls, young Furiosa is kidnapped from the Green Place of Many Mothers. He falls into the hands of the powerful Biker Horde, led by the warlord Dementus. After crossing the Wasteland, the kidnappers reach the Citadel, where Eternal Joe rules. Two tyrants begin to fight for power, and Furiosa must survive many trials while collecting funds that will allow her to return home – reads the official description of the film.

“Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga” is the long-awaited return to the iconic dystopian world created by George Miller over 30 years ago in the “Mad Max” films. The new installment of the series is an original and stand-alone adventure, showing the beginnings of the fearless character played by Charlize Theron in the film “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

The production of “Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga” has been delayed due to legal disputes. Miller considered having Theron reprise the role of Furiosa, but this would require her digital rejuvenation, which discouraged the director. He is of the opinion that until technology allows for a fully reliable reconstruction of the human face, there is no point in using it.

“For a long time I thought that we would be able to use a computerized technique of rejuvenating actors and apply it to Charlize. However, I don’t think we are close to a fully believable effect of such a transformation. Despite the brave attempts in ‘The Irishman,’ it is completely uncharted territory. Everyone is “We are close to solving the problems related to this, especially the Japanese. However, I believe that we still have a long way to go,” Miller said.

Ultimately, she got the main role Anya Taylor-Joy. He will be her partner in the film Chris Hemsworth.

Director George Miller describes his new project as a “saga”, emphasizing that the action of “Furiosa” will take place over 15 years.

The start of filming for the new installment of the “Mad Max” series was delayed due to legal wrangling between Miller and Warner Bros. studio. As is usually the case in such situations, it was about money. Miller’s company, which produced the film “Mad Max: Fury Road,” demanded that Warner Bros. $9 million for coming in below the film’s $157 million budget. In turn, representatives of Warner Bros. they believed that Miller’s company had breached the existing contract. It was previously agreed that the film would be 100 minutes long and would be given a lower age rating, but the final result was a 120-minute R-rated film for adults. Both sides finally reached an agreement.

Miller not only directed the film about Furiosa, he also co-wrote the screenplay. This will be the fifth production in the series, which began in 1979 with the film “Mad Max”. It became a ticket to an acting career for Mel Gibson.

The premiere of the film “Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga” is scheduled for May 24. Watch the new trailer for Geroge Miller’s epic production!