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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For good and for bad”: Episode 918. First problems in paradise. They will argue about the child

When Blanka enters the kitchen in the morning, she will find Mario looking at the blister with her contraceptive pills. He will smile nervously as he does so.

“I didn't know you were still taking it,” the gangster says reproachfully.

Blanka will look at her husband as if he had fallen from the moon. He'll pour himself some coffee. Mario won't know how to start for a while.

“I thought we were planning to have children,” he hisses.

– We are planning – he will hear in response.

– I'm not an expert, but it's probably… out of the question – Milewski gets angry.

– We are planning – Blanka will repeat.

– In the future. Now I have to finish my specialization. I thought it was obvious – she will add.

– Women somehow connect it. Work and a child – Mario will point out to his wife.

– Not in surgical specialization. Not at the stage I'm at. I thought that was clear.

– Not for me – sighs the mafioso.

– And now you understand?

Mario will realize that morning is not a good time to pursue this topic. He will smile at his beloved and try to disarm her:

– You see how you have to explain everything to me. My hard worker…

When will Blanka recognize her own husband?

We reveal that the 918th episode “For good and for bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 17 at 20.55 on TVP2.