Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Fatty's calf and Appleblossom together. “They took me and closed my club”

Cover “They took me and closed my club” is another single promoting Łydka's latest album – “THE”which was released at the end of last year.

The music video was shot at the Hybrydy club in Warsaw with the participation of over two hundred fans who responded to the band's call. Maciej “Ziggy” Charytoniakguitarist, thanks the fans for creating an amazing atmosphere during the recording: “It was a shock, one post on the media and over 200 people checked in! They often had to travel hundreds of kilometers to appear on the set. We are extremely pleased with the result, with the cooperation with studio Przedmarańcza, and above all, how wonderfully they managed to capture the beauty and atmosphere of the rock underground.”

Bartosz “Hipis” Krusznickithe band's vocalist, comments: “We met Jacek and Kasia during the recordings. We were honored to work together, being huge fans of Kwiat Jabłoni ourselves. The song turned out great and is an ace on the album. And the fact that Kwiatki appeared with us in the video is a plus it's an amazing thing. And let me say quietly, the rock and roll version really suited us all.”

The band immortalized what happened on the set of the music video by recording the making of, which you can see here.

Fat Man's calf is a band from Olsztyn that has been active on the rock scene in Poland and abroad for 20 years. He has released five studio albums, performed at all major festivals, including (several times) the Pol'and'Rock Big Stage, and hundreds of club concerts. He is also the winner of the Golden Bączek award on the above-mentioned P'n'R and a double platinum award for the single “Rapapara”.