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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Farm”: we are just before the finale. Who will compete in the mud arena today?

IN “Farm” the hustle and bustle of the city turns into rural peace. In this exciting reality show, women and men from the urban jungle exchange suits for overalls and become farmers. They discover the charms of life in nature, facing real agricultural challenges, from animal husbandry to tilling the land.

In this competition for survival, participants fight not only against the forces of nature, but also for the hearts and sympathy of their new companions. Under a watchful eye Marcelina Zawadzka and Ilona Krawczyńska “The Farm” is a real test of character, skills and human emotions.

In the latest challenge “Farms” participants they will come face to face in the mud arenawhere only strength and determination will decide their fate.

Approaching final week it heats up emotions, and a new division into groups can completely reshuffle existing alliances. In this uncompromising game, where the stakes are higher than ever, every move forward is a step closer to victory.

Will this mud battle prove to be the decisive moment on the path to triumph? Let’s see which farmer will make the most of his opportunity when they have nothing left to lose.

The third edition of the reality show “Farma” debuted on Polsat on January 8, 2024, although Polsat Box Go subscribers had the opportunity to watch the program a little earlier. The program, consisting of 40 episodes, is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. From this data it can be concluded that the season finale is scheduled for Friday, March 1.

Additionally, it is worth noting that The final of “Farm” will take place live, and viewers will decide the winner by voting. Access to previous episodes of the program is provided by the Polsat Box Go platform.

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