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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Farm” episode 31. A decision that shocked the participants like never before. See what will happen in today’s episode

Program “Farm” is a reality show in which participants of both sexes take part, who are already familiar with life in the urban jungle. Their future becomes a farm, where they have to face difficult tasks and adapt to simple living conditions.

Contestants are required to perform a variety of activities, and decisions about who will have to leave the program are made by voting in each episode. Daily challenges and competition for the favor of other participants add additional flavor to the program. The whole thing is led by the famous duo – Marcelina Zawadzka and Ilona Krawczyńska.

The farm revolution is coming! Letters from eliminated contestants will decide who steps onto the pedestal to become the new one Farmer of the Week.

Two lists, one choice! The decision will ultimately be made by vote and then by duel.

Emotions are running high, but what’s at stake? Keys to the farmer’s cottage and a chance to introduce new governments. Who will gain Fortune’s favor and take over to steer the farm towards good as only he can?

The New Farmer faces the mission of his life – the definition of good is waiting for a new face, and the way to achieve it? Only he knows the map.

Who will be the hero of our times? Keep following because the farm is about to undergo a real metamorphosis!

Be the Farmer of the Week it’s not just a momentary title or fleeting glory. It means being at the head of a community whose fate is intertwined with every day spent on the farm. Jas Farmer of the Week, you receive not only the keys to the farmer’s house, but also the right to manage the tasksdistributing responsibilities and introducing innovations into the everyday life of the farm.

This is the role of a leader who must demonstrate not only organizational skills, but also empathy and justice to harmoniously combine the diverse characters and skills of the other participants.

Being a Farmer of the Week is a chance to prove yourself, introduce changes and set new directions – but above all, it is a responsibility for the good of the community and the development of each of its members.

“Farma” is broadcast on Polsat every day from Monday to Friday at 20:00. You can also watch the missed episodes on the Polsat BOX VOD platform.