Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Eurovision 2024: Surprising reports about the “set”. LUC comments

Let us remind you that this year TVP organized internal pre-selections. About the choice of the Polish candidate for… Eurovision The five-person jury decided in a vote. It included: singer Kasia Moś (Poland representative at Eurovision 2017), Piotr Klatt (formerly the head of the festival in Opole and the Polish pre-selection for Eurovision), Michał Hanczak (journalist Radio Eska), Konrad Szczęsny (president Association of Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest OGAE Poland) and Łukasz Pieter (music director Radio ZET).

The jurors selected 10 items and gave them points on a scale from 1 to 10. In this way, it turned out that the proposal of the singer with the pseudonym Glow“The Tower” (listen) – received 34 points, a Justyna Steczkowska with number “WITCH-ER Tarohoro” 33 points. They took third place in the voting – with the same result – Marcin Maciejczak (“Midnight Dreamer”) and Dagadana and Kayah with a song from the movie “Peasants”. We’re talking about a song “Autumn – Dance” (listen!) prepared by Łukasz “LUC” Rostkowski, Rebel Babel Film Orchestra, Laboratorium Pieśni and the group Stout Peasants.

After the results were announced, one of the omitted candidates – Izabela Zabielska (her song “Nowhere To Go” received 8 points)in an interview with Pomponik she stated that “Eurovision is always rigged”.

LUC referred to these words when asked by Pudelek.

“This is definitely a competition that many people care about, and those who care about it will certainly win. My approach was very calm. I didn’t call people, I didn’t do any lobbying. I’m convinced that every award has its lobbying, so I’m sure the one who lobbies, tries, schemes, has a better chance. It’s the same with everything, it’s the same with the Oscars and every award in the world. I think it’s natural. It’s not so much that it’s rigged, but it’s just that that people are scheming and the one who has greater opportunities, time, energy, talent wins. I trust that someone who has talent was chosen, someone cared – so great, there is a chance that he will do it perfectly “- he commented.

“You have to have love for people and trust, and whether it’s rigged or not… I heard some rumors that the vote was rigged. But, okay, just humility and peace,” added the creator of the music for the film “Chłopi”, which was the Polish candidate for the Oscar (ultimately it was not nominated).

Łukasz Rostkowski intends to keep his fingers crossed for Luna in the competition, and he sent his application to the Polish preselection at the urging of his fans. Let us add that the soundtrack turned out to be a great success (e.g. Eagles for the best music, Golden Record, has over 50 million views on streaming services).

Further concerts in prestigious philharmonic halls will take place in Poznań (March 23, Ziemia Hall), Bielsko-Biała (April 14, Cavatina), Lublin (April 21, CSK) and Łódź (April 22, Teatr Wielki).

Łukasz LUC Rostkowski – music producer, vocalist, composer, lyricist and director of music videos and concerts, awarded, among others, Polityka’s Passport, Mateusz Trójka, Wrocław Music Award, Ale Sztuka award, Ślizger, Lower Silesian Diamonds and twice Yach.

“The soundtrack to ‘Peasants’ is a beautiful gift for me on my 20th anniversary. A great adventure created with an extremely talented team of filmmakers and musicians, bands, bands and soloists. I wanted to create a broad compendium of Slavic folk music in reference to the international nature of this production. Thank you from the bottom of my heart D. K. Welchman and Hugh Welchman (directors of “Peasants”) for four years of film academy. We invited here many different musicians who have been devoting themselves with great devotion to traditional music for years. Here we met folk music, film and trance music. The idea of ​​Rebel Babel is to engage local musicians, so during concerts we want to invite more extraordinary bands and regional song and dance groups that will be able to present their regional sounds,” emphasized Łukasz “LUC” Rostkowski.

European Broadcasting Union reported that during Eurovision 2024 37 countries will participate. Recall that all countries except the host Sweden and the Big Five (France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany) was divided into two semi-finals, which will take place on May 7 and 9. Poland will take part in the first of them. The final is scheduled for May 11.