Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Easter 2024: “The windows need to be washed.” How do musicians of the Enej group spend the holidays?

Band musicians Enej (check!) admit that they like and celebrate holidays, which is why they are looking forward to the upcoming Easter. Then they plan to slow down, put work aside and devote time to their family. Mirosław “Mynio” Ortyński (vocals, bass) i Piotr “Lolek” Sołoducha (vocals, accordion) reveal that their signature and favorite Christmas delicacy is vegetable salad. They also enjoy preparing it themselves.

“I'll definitely make a salad, I'll have to wash the windows, do some spring cleaning. The Christmas tree falls down during Easter, so you don't have to go to different stores and choose the perfect one, but maybe a nice little chicken figure,” Mirosław Ortyński tells the Newseria Lifestyle agency. musician of the band Enej.

“For me there will also be a classic division of duties, so I will probably also prepare something to eat. Although it seems to me that there is less room for maneuver on Easter. I cook more things during Christmas. I am a fan of vegetable salad, there must also be eggs with mayonnaise and then it's delicious,” adds Piotr Sołoducha.

The vocalist of the band Enej also admits that his loved ones have a lot of fun searching for Easter gifts and guessing riddles.

“On Monday, it is traditional to hide various delicacies and sweets for children and look for something hot and cold together. However, the joy that is then among loved ones is something beautiful and we probably associate this holiday with that.” – says Piotr Sołoducha.

The musicians of the Enej band admit that they are traditionalists and the holidays are a special time of the year for them. They then take a break from professional projects, put aside their phones and enjoy family meetings.

“We always stay at home for holidays, whether it's Christmas or Easter, we never give concerts. Sometimes I spend these holidays with a smaller group, with my parents, other times there is a larger group, for example at my brother's, and then there are more children. Currently, I am not a fan of going to hotels to spend time with people I don't know. For me, traditionally, holidays must be with my loved ones,” emphasizes Piotr Sołoducha.

“It's similar for me, because there are very few moments of the year where there is an opportunity to spend time with the family, so if there is such a space where everyone shows up, even with a slight obligation, I am in favor of spending this time with family, because then this obligation automatically turns into a certain desire and we simply spend this time very nicely,” adds Mirosław Ortyński.

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