Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Do you remember her from “The Voice of Poland”? Basia Giewont makes her debut

The singer and actress from Zakopane starts her solo career – on March 21, she releases her debut and original album titled “Taterki”. It’s electronic pop music with folklore elements.

“I make sure that the folk music I weave is not cheesy or kitschy, but that it is always at the best level and sounds noble.” – he emphasizes in an interview with PAP Life Basia Giewont (check!). The dream of making an album came to her when, as a 12-year-old, she was performing alongside her on stage Adam Sztaba. 20 years later she achieved her goal. “Huge excitement, great stress, but positive!” – he tells PAP Life just before the premiere of his album “Taterki”.

“I was very surprised by the feeling of happiness that accompanied me. Not for the album itself as a material thing, but for my friends whose support is indescribable now! For their talents that they share with me on this album!” – he adds. These people include, among others: Kornel Flisiakwho created this album with her.

What is the aesthetic of Basia Giewont’s debut album? “‘Taterki’ is electronic pop music with folklore elements – not to be confused with folk, disco-folk and others. In the world there is a term folktronica and this is what this album is. For me, they were a huge inspiration for its creation Onuka and Go_A (Ukrainian bands – ed.) – stars who play concerts all over the world, and their country of origin is extremely proud of them, because despite their modern sound, they retain the element of traditional folklore. I want to include some of our beautiful Polish culture in my music” – says this graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow.

It is also worth paying attention to the artistic album cover. “Our goal was to create a modern and quite minimalist setting, but with a twist to reflect the character of Basia’s music and personality.” – says PAP Life, co-author of the project, Maria Samczuk-Mikowskaan abstract painter and graphic designer.

On March 24, three days after the album’s premiere, Giewont will play a concert at the Norblin Factory in Warsaw, in the Food Town space, admission to which is free. “This is supposed to be a chance for everyone to get to know what I do. I know that people have to get used to certain musical trends – especially if they are new. I especially don’t want anyone to feel forced to pay for something they don’t know or feel yet. I want the listener to have the opportunity to see what I do, because I know what the approach to highlander or folk music is in Poland, and I want to break it. I make sure that the folk music I weave is not tacky or kitschy, but that it is always at the best level and sounds noble, despite the mainstream entertainment form.” – declares the artist.

The special guest of the concert will be Adam Sztaba, with whom Giewont took her first steps on big stages.

Even though the artist has recently focused mainly on music, she has not given up acting. “I have absolutely no plans to suspend any acting activities, I love being on theater stages. It is true that creating the album and focusing on my own work already required me to make some changes related to playing in theaters regularly, but I still make guest appearances on some stages. Maybe a movie now? Who knows… I love challenges” – he states.

Previously, she could be seen at the Roma Musical Theater in one of the main roles in the musical “Pilots” and in the title role of Aida in the play “Aida” Elton John. In the third edition “The Voice of Poland” (fall 2013) in the team Maria Sadowska reached the battles. Her casting performance in the hit “When a Man Loves a Woman” Michael Bolton recorded over 325 thousand views (he also competed for the singer Marek Piekarczyk). He was then the winner of the TVP show Mateusz Ziółko from Maria Sadowska’s team.