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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Did you need a reminder of what the series “Rojst” is about? Brodka comes to the rescue

Netflix is ​​very committed to promoting the new production related to the series “Rojst”. “Rojst Millenium” will debut on February 28, and the streaming giant has prepared an interesting summary that will remind viewers what happened in the previous series. The story is told by Monika Brodka and she does it in a very eye-catching way. Check it out below!

In the series “Rojst Millenium”, which is a continuation “Rojsta” and “Rojsta’97” and the last part of the trilogy, viewers will finally see the dark secrets solved. A woman’s skeleton is unearthed in the forest, and a murder occurs during a birthday banquet at a hotel. What and who is behind all these events? The story goes back to the 1960s to find the key to the crime mystery.

The director is Jan Holoubek, and the cast includes real stars, including: Janusz Gajos, Tomasz Schuchardt, Filip Pławiak and Marianna Gierszewska, Michalina Łabacz and Konrad Eleryk as well as characters with whom viewers have become familiar in previous seasons.

“Rojst Millenium” will debut on Netflix on February 28.