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Jacob Mendez

Deep Purple – Concert in Poland in 2024 – date, tickets, prices

Deep Purple will return to Poland after over a year’s break. The concert will take place on October 17, 2024 at Spodek in Katowice. The performance as part of the tour under the significant name “1 More Time” will also feature the famous American band Jefferson Starship.

Deep Purple is a living legend of rock music. Always on the move, since 1968. They have released monumental albums, including: “In Rock”, “Machine Head”, “Burn”, “Perfect Strangers” Whether “Made In Japan”one of the best concert albums in the history of the genre – the total circulation of which has long exceeded 100 million copies.

They have also been performing regularly on the Vistula River for several decades, and loyal fans always welcome them with open arms. The group has released three albums in the last decade – “NOW What?!”, “inFinite” and “Whoosh!” – which proved that creatively they are as strong as they were years ago.

Even the departure of Steve Morse, who left Deep Purple in 2022 for personal reasons, did not stop the group’s triumphant march across the world’s stages. On the contrary, Simon McBride’s virtuoso skills and vitality energized the entire band and infected the fans with enthusiasm.

The special guest of Deep Purple in Katowice will be the iconic American band Jefferson Starship.

It was formed in 1974 on the ashes of the legendary, psychedelic Jefferson Airplane to define the sound of the Californian scene of that time. Early Jefferson Starship albums – for example “Dragon Fly” and “Red Octopus” – it’s an absolute classic today, but the band still creates great music. The proof is on the plate “Mother of the Sun”released in 2020, summed up by one critic: “a brilliant portion of American stadium rock.”

Tickets for the Deep Purple and Jefferson Starship concert will be available from Friday, March 22 at 11:00. A ticket to the album costs PLN 299.

Prices of other tickets:

Box – PLN 449

VIP Meet & Greet – $200 (approx. PLN 800)

Seating places, sectors A – PLN 369

Seating places, sectors B – PLN 329

Seating places, sectors C – PLN 269

The organizer of the event is Mystic Coalition, the creator of the popular Mystic Festival. It consists of Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production and B90.