Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Dancing with the Stars”: How did Roxie Węgiel fare on the dance floor? “Beautiful, but a bit empty”

The program returns to the air “Dancing With the Stars. Dancing with the Stars” has undergone a significant metamorphosis. Participants are assessed by: Iwona Pavlovićactress Ewa Kasprzykdancer Rafał Maserak and choreographer Tomasz Jan Wygoda.

He became the choreographer of the program Tomasz Barański. He watches over the costumes of dancers and stars Martyna Łachand he took up directing Wojciech Iwański.

The proven duo remained as presenters Krzysztof Ibisz and Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna. The winner will receive a Crystal Ball, PLN 100,000. PLN (for the star) and 50 thousand PLN (for the dancer).

The youngest participant of the 14th edition at Polsat is 19 years old Roxie Coal (check!), which she accompanies on the dance floor Michael Kassin. In their debut, they danced the cha-cha to the hit “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa (Look!). The couple received high marks, which resulted in 29 points (out of 40 possible).

“We can’t take our eyes off you. Young, beautiful, talented,” Ewa Kasprzyk admired. “Everything was so beautiful, but in the ‘Barbie’ style. I would like you to be drawn into the dance and emotions. It is beautiful, but a bit empty,” added Iwona Pavlović.

“When I watched the video, I am satisfied with what I managed to do, although I take this advice to heart, because emotions in dancing are sometimes more important than steps. Of course, the technique must match, but sometimes even better than these emotions will be in the foreground. Then the steps are not that important in my opinion, because they are the most important,” commented Roxie Węgiel in an interview with Pomponik.

The singer has released two albums – “Roksana Węgiel” and “13+5” – and such hits as: “Anyone I Want To Be”, “Dobrze jest jak jest” and “Miasto”. The winner Junior Eurovision Song Contest She also won many awards such as: MTV EMA, Empik Bestsellers, Amber Nightingale. She was nominated twice Fryderyk. The producer and composer helped her with the album “13+5”. Kevin Mglej – at the beginning of 2023, the couple confirmed their relationship. They are currently getting ready for their wedding.