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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Eliza Rycembel heard terrible words. She lacks talent and a pretty face is not enough!

Eliza Rycembel is undoubtedly one of the most talented Polish actresses of her generation. Although she already has many outstanding achievements, she says that she has always treated and still treats gaming as a hobby.

“I love what I do, but I often thought that nothing is certain in acting. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just hopeless,” she admitted in an interview with “Viva!”, adding that it happened that she was one and a half years old breaks from work because there was simply no need for someone like her.

“I’m both too young and too old at the same time,” the star jokes “Murder Women” and “Family Games”.

Eliza very much regrets that the casting agents do not invite her to audition for small roles.

“On the one hand, it’s great that I’m appreciated and directors see me in the main roles, but on the other hand, it’s frustrating because there aren’t that many of them anymore,” she told “Vivie!”.

The actress sometimes has the impression that she is perceived as unavailable. After the movie “Corpus Christi” with her participation was nominated for an Oscar, and she was showered with awards for her role as Marta, she stopped receiving offers for episodes.

“I really like playing episodic roles. It’s a short adventure in which you often have to work against your circumstances,” he explains.

Eliza Rycembel does not hide the fact that she has a bad opinion of herself.

“Maybe I’m not capable?” – he asks himself when he doesn’t receive job offers for too long.

It is no secret that while studying at the Warsaw Theater Academy, Eliza had a hard time with one of her lecturers, from whom she once heard that she was not suitable for anything, especially neither on stage nor in front of the camera.

“A certain professor made me unable to say anything. I was blocked. I couldn’t say a single word,” she recalled in an interview with Wysokie Obcasy.

The lecturer, whose name Eliza Rycembel does not want to mention, told her right away that she had no talent and that a pretty face was not enough to become an actress.

“I heard that there are people who deserve to study at school more. And I certainly didn’t deserve to play in front of the school. I remember the eyes of my friends who were listening to it and the feeling of closing myself off. “- she said.

Throughout the first year of her studies, Eliza heard that she was “out of stock”. She survived, but she still remembers how much unfair judgments hurt her.

It took a long time to become a star “Osiecka” she learned to enjoy what she does. Acting is now her passion, which she devotes herself to as an addictive hobby.

“It (acting – ed.) gives me a sense of freedom and that I can live many lives and thus get to know myself. It gives me joy, and sometimes even satisfaction,” she confessed to “Vivie!”.