Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Dana Carvey apologizes to Sharon Stone. It's about a skit from 1992

The situation took place in 1992 in an episode of a satirical program “Saturday Night Live”which Stone former host. Carvey he played the role of an Indian airport security employee who, under the pretext of a strip search, forces the actress to undress.

The comedian added that it was great working with Stone, but only for the sketch “he would be arrested today”. “I want to publicly apologize to you for the skit about being searched at the airport (…). It's so 1992, it's a completely different era” – he said.

The actress admitted that she was not offended by the appearance in the skit. However, she agreed that times have changed. “I know the difference between a misdemeanor and a crime” – replied the star “Casinos”. “And I think we all committed offenses back then because we didn't realize we were doing something wrong. We had no idea. I had bigger problems then, I think you know what I'm talking about. I didn't care. They joked on me and I felt good about it”.

“Watching it today, I have to admit – comedy needs one serious person and you were perfect (in this sketch). You were completely honest and that made us funny” – Carvey added.