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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Episodes 2976-2977. He will meet his loved one’s relatives and experience a shock

Madzia will spend half the day getting ready to meet Wiktor’s grandparents, knowing that the boy really wants her to make the best impression on the Kępski family. Her beloved will unexpectedly ask her to put on a modest dress without a low neckline.

– I will look like an ugly duckling next to Oliwka – Madzia will say, but she will dress so as not to look too provocative.

When the seniors finally arrive at Oliwka’s apartment and Wiktor officially introduces his crush to them, Wanda (Maja Barełkowska-Cyrwus) will immediately notice that her husband cannot take his eyes off his beloved grandson.

– Beautiful creation – Henryk compliments the girl, and then – taking advantage of the confusion – he greets her profusely, hugging her and hugging her tightly.

Suddenly, Madzia will feel Kępski senior’s hand on her buttock, but she will be convinced that it is a coincidence. After a while, however, he will see the lewd smile on Henry’s face and he will be scared out of his mind.

During dinner, Magda will not be able to focus on the conversation. All the time, he will remember Henryk’s disturbing gesture in his mind. Wiktor will quickly realize that his grandfather must have offended his fiancée in some way.

– Grandpa is great, but sometimes when he comes out with some crazy idea, you feel like you’re in the Middle Ages – he jokes to relieve the tension.

– Stop it, or the ladies will believe it – the senior laughs.

– That you’re great or that you have backward views? – Wanda mocks.

Henryk will make a toast at some point.

– Guys, you found wonderful girls – he turns to his son and grandson, then turns to Madzia and winks at her.

– Not only is it hard to take my eyes off you, but you are also smart, brave and independent – the senior will say, looking appreciatively at Magda and Oliwka.

The next day, Wiktor will suggest to Madzia that since she has already met his grandparents, she should finally meet his mother.

– I’ve had enough of meeting your family for the moment. Let me rest for a while – the girl asks him.

– From what? You said it was cool yesterday – Wiktor will be surprised.

– Yesterday we were at your father’s and my best friend’s house – Magda will remind him and add that when she meets Grażyna (Kinga Suchan), his father’s ex, she will feel bad towards Oliwka.

– You’ll have to meet my mom eventually anyway. What do you care about? – he will hear.

We reveal that Madzia will give in to the boy, agree to talk to her future mother-in-law and will immediately like her very much, and it will be mutual. Will she tell Grażyna how Henryk behaved towards her? Will she confess that Wiktor’s grandfather groped her and did it freely in front of the entire family?

TVP2 invites you to the broadcast of the 2,976th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Friday, April 5 at 8:10 p.m. The 2,977th episode of Dwójka is scheduled to be broadcast on Monday, April 8, also at 8:10 p.m.