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“Colors of Happiness”: Episode 2964. Olga will discover that her daughter’s new lover is having an affair

While walking in the park Michalina will tell her mother that she constantly thinks about Witek and what she did to him.

– He avoids me like the plague – he says.

– Well… He has the right to do so. You have to accept it. But you know what? I don’t want to tell you about Witek or Witek about you, because if I play the role of a double agent, it will end badly for everyone, her mother will say.

Michalina suddenly hugs her.

I have complicated your lives. To you and Mark. All of us, actually, he whispers.

Olga will find out that Michalina is going to spend the weekend with her new lover – Piotr, whom she met on the set of the series in Wrocław. Her daughter will tell her that she is very much in love with him.

– It’s nice to see you so happy – Olga smiles.

Meanwhile, Krystyna (Hanna Bieluszko) will appear at Złoty’s (Marek Perchuć) house. She will immediately tell Witek that she came because she wants to support him.

– It’s good that you don’t want to date that terrible girl – he says and starts staring into his grandson’s eyes.

Witek will immediately understand what she means.

– If you want, I can go to the pharmacy for a test, you will be one hundred percent sure – he suggests.

– So you don’t take… – Krystyna will breathe a sigh of relief.

Marek will later tell his son that the senior cares about his fate and, Like she is, she comes up with worst-case scenarios.

There’s nothing we can do about it – he concludes.

Marek will arrange a trip to the theater with Olga. His beloved will come for him. Witek will open the door for her.

– If you prefer, I’ll wait outside – he will tell the boy.

– Wow, seriously. My relationship with Michalina has changed, but that’s cool, I won’t pass it on to you – you’ll hear.

Witek will tell her that he has a grudge against Miśka, not her, and then he will let her inside. At the same moment, Olga will hear her cell phone beeping. He reaches for the phone and looks at the display.

– Oh my… – he whispers.

A moment later he will show Marek an article on the “Szoku” website. Złoty will have no idea why she decided that he would be interested in an article about the “romance of a Polish TV series star” accompanied by photos of an attractive woman passionately kissing a handsome man.

– I don’t know her or him – he says.

– She’s the star of the series. And he is Peter. This Piotr… My daughter’s great love – Olga will inform him.

– Miśka is on the train, on her way to Wrocław, to him. And he probably knows everything already – he sighs.

How will Michalina react when she finds out the man she left Witek for is cheating on her with another actress?

We reveal that the girl will seek comfort from her ex. Will Witek forgive her for “leaping to the side” and will they be together again?

TVP2 invites you to watch the 2,964th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Tuesday, March 19, at 8:10 p.m.

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