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“Colors of Happiness”: Episode 2958 summary. Jealousy on the golf course

In the 2958th episode of the series “The colors of happiness” Małgorzata will remind Jerzy that the grass in their garden should have been mowed a long time ago, so – instead of playing golf – he should roll up his sleeves and get to work.

– We won’t miss the garden, but we will have a game of golf, yes – Marczak jokes, but his wife won’t be laughing at all.

– Have you seen what bushes we have? How much grass is there to mow? – she will ask him reproachfully.

Jerzy promised his wife that after returning from golf he would do whatever she wanted.

– A short reset and you’ll see me running around the garden – he smiles, grabs his bag of sticks and runs out of the house.

Meanwhile, Waleria will confess to Basia (Sławomira Łozińska) that she is delighted with Jerzy, but she does not want to impose on him, so she does not know whether to go golfing with him.

– Moreover, he has a wife – he sighs.

– But you don’t go to bed with him, you just swing a stick – says Grzelakowa and adds that a little exercise will definitely do her good.

A few minutes later, Waleria will meet Marczak, and he will clearly start adoring her, putting her golf clubs in the trunk of his car. Suddenly Małgorzata comes out of the house.

– Hat – she will say, handing her husband the headgear he forgot to bring.

– My wife, my… golfing partner – Jerzy will make the presentation and the ladies will shake hands.

Waleria will unexpectedly ask Zwoleńska to go with them, but Małgorzata will say that she has a lot of work.

– I have to earn money so that my husband can play – he will mock, say goodbye and go home.

After returning from golf, Waleria will confess to Basia that she spent a wonderful afternoon with Jerzy. Grzelakowa will immediately guess that her roommate is very impressed with Marczak.

– Yes, I am… – Waleria will admit and add that it doesn’t mean anything, because Jurek is not free.

At the same time, Małgorzata will make a fuss with her husband and accuse him of going on dates with “some” women behind her back.

– For a game of golf! And I didn’t see a woman in Valeria! – Marczak gets angry.

– And who? A friend from the army? – Małgorzata turns red with rage.

– A player, a playing partner, and only one – says Jerzy.

– I have to play with someone – he will add.

Zwoleńska will suggest to him that he could play with her.

– You never wanted to – her husband will remind her.

We reveal that Jerzy – fearing Małgorzata’s anger – will decide not to suggest trips to the golf course together with his new friend.

How will Waleria react when she finds out that Marczak is having problems at home because of her? Will she give up knowing him and find another “object” of interest?

TVP2 invites you to watch the 2,958th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Monday, March 11, at 8:10 p.m.

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