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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Clan”: Episode 4306. She will tell her lover that he was the best thing that happened to her in her life

– I know you don’t like what I did… – Wilczyńska will start the conversation with Ross shyly.

– Because it’s irrational! – her partner will assess.

– Sometimes in life we ​​do irrational things, enter into irrational relationships… (…) I did what I felt I should have done.

– You probably saved his life. If he were left alone, with no prospects, no friends… in such a mood, he would probably finally give up… But with you – maybe he has a chance? – Feliks (Jan Piechociński), who is present during the conversation, will interject.

– Nobody knows – sighs Gabi in the context of her unfaithful husband suffering from cancer.

– (…) I think what you did was noble – says Nowak.

Zarzycki will also be shocked by his wife’s change in attitude.

– Gabriela, I am very grateful to you for changing your mind about our divorce. But I don’t understand why, the architect will admit when his wife moves in with him again.

– Maybe I just… like to surprise?

– (…) Actually, for what I did to you, you shouldn’t have any scruples towards me – Roman hits his chest. – (…) I really don’t deserve you – he sighs.

– You didn’t deserve it – Gabi agreed with him.

– And Konrad? – Roman will be interested.

– Konrad… We met at the wrong time – he will hear in response.

Interestingly, in the conversation with Nowak, Wilczyńska will reveal that Słoma – when she was moving away from him – said that he would always wait for her. Wilczyńska will tell Konrad herself that the best thing that happened to her in her life was him.

– You have to explain to me, because I won’t be able to cope… I don’t want to guess… Have I offended you somehow…? – Słoma will ask.

– I never suffered because of you – remember that – Gabi will console him.

– I don’t understand why you do this…

– (…) It’s between us… it had no future… – Gabi will tell her beloved at the end.

The 4306th episode of “Klan” will be broadcast on Friday, March 22 at 17.55 on TVP1.