Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Beyonce quits pop and enters the world of country. When is the premiere of “Act II: Cowboy Carter”?

Beyonce after the premiere of the last two singles – “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” – she left fans with no illusions that this time she would perform in a completely different musical environment. The pop icon chose the increasingly popular country genre. The self-titled album will debut on March 29 “Act II: Cowboy Carter”.

The singer showed off the title of the album on social media. She also included a photo of a possible album cover – an empty saddle with a sash hanging over it. It is worth mentioning that Carter is Beyonce Knowles’ second surname, which she took after her husband Jay-Z (born Shawn Carter).

The photo refers to the cover of the previous album “Renaissance”, where the star sits on a glass horse.

Some fans can’t wait to see what the star has created for them. Some people consider the decision quite controversial and even maliciously suggest that Beyonce has overcomplicated it this time. The numbers say otherwise – “Texas Hold ‘Em” quickly became viral and also topped the Billboard magazine’s “Hot Country Songs” chart, making the 42-year-old singer the first black singer to do so.

Let us recall that when releasing the album “Renaissance” (2022), Beyonce announced it as part of a project consisting of three parts. This particular album was full of disco and house vibes, and the second one is supposed to be quite the opposite. Many are already wondering what will appear in “act III”.

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