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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Cezary Pazura: He rarely appears on screen because he chose YouTube?

Cezary Pazura difficult to present in a few sentences. A talented actor who has been shining in Polish cinema for many years, an unforgettable comedian and television personality. His film credits include over a hundred productions. However, in recent years We see the actor in films or TV series less and less often, but we can regularly watch him through another medium.

A few years ago, the actor created his account on YouTube, where he appears as “Uncle Czarek”. He regularly publishes several-minute-long videoswhere he talks about the secrets of working on the set, shares interesting facts about working on films and follows the latest internet trends.

The idea seems simple, but as it turns out it works and it works quite well. At this point, Cezary Pazura’s channel has collected over 800,000. subscribers. Can this activity be considered a significant share in the artist’s earnings? I don’t think so.

Considering the statistics shared by Social Blade, in the last 30 days (data from March 13, 2024), the actor will earn a maximum of $3,000 on his channel. It looks like this is an interesting teaser from the actor that brings joy to his longtime and new fans.

Thanks to his innovative approach, the actor can gain the sympathy of the younger generation. He also had an episode on Twitch (a popular streaming platform), when he appeared on a live broadcast by popular streamer Nieuczesana.

Last year, Prime Video offered a new entertainment program titled “LOL: Who Laughs Last”, which is the first Polish own production, led by Cezary Pazura. How did he find his way as a presenter?

They appeared in the first edition: Adam Woronowicz, Agata Kulesza, Aleksandra Adamska, Bartosz Gajda, Cezary Jóźwik, Katarzyna Pakosińska, Michał Meyer, Michał Szpak, Robert Motyka and Wiolka Walaszczyk.

We will soon see the second season of this show. We’ll see in the second installment a galaxy of Polish stars: Zofia Zborowska, Jerzy Kryszak, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Blowek, Piotr Stramowski, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Maciej Musiałowski, Michał Wójcik, Paweł Chałupka, Adam Woronowicz – who was also the star of the first series. Cezary Pazura will again appear as the host and overseer of the entire program.

The actor also does not shy away from giving interviews. Last week he performed at Channel Zero (You Tube), and the conversation was led by Krzysztof Stanowski. During an almost 3-hour conversation, the gentlemen touched on many topics, from financial issues, through favorite and forgotten film and TV series productions in which Cezary Pazura starred, as well as plans for their own… tombstone?

The conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere, and the actor shared various stories from his quite long career, who he met and what connections he appreciated? Who is he friends with? Cezary Pazura also answered questions asked by viewers by calling the studio. Interview fans liked it because it has already been viewed over half a million times.