Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Budda. The Kid ’98”: This film will show the life of one of the most famous Polish YouTubers

If you know “Buddha” – experience his story on the big screen and see what is not available on YouTube. See what the “mindset” of Internet creators looks like, what laws govern this industry and what opportunities it offers.
If you don’t know it, be sure to get to know the nationwide phenomenon of an ordinary boy who, together with his fans, did absolutely extraordinary things!

Each of his Instagram and YouTube accounts is followed by over 2 million people. Playing with lifestyle and motoring in a very wide range led to recordings in dozens of countries in various corners of the world. The team looked for the best shots, among others. in Chernobyl, as well as in the United States, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an extremely inspiring, universal story about the strength of character, determination to make dreams come true, but also the enormous potential of the YouTube industry and the opportunities hidden within it.

The film directed by Krystian Kuczkowski – co-creator of the hit “Ania” about the life of the famous actress Ania Przybylska, which was seen in cinemas by over 600,000 viewers. One of the co-producers is Platige Image, responsible for, among others, for his work on the Netflix series “The Witcher”.

In the movie trailer “Buddha. Kid ’98” the song “The Sum of All Fears” was used. It comes from the album by famous producers Favst and Gibbs titled “Hample”. The producers, known for their cooperation with leading hip-hop artists in the country, created some time ago an album dedicated to automotive enthusiasts.

“Buddha. The Kid ’98” will hit cinema screens on March 21.