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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

British series you will watch this weekend. The best crime and medical series

The series takes place in the English region of West Yorkshire. The charming area is actually plagued by drug addiction and violence, which Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) relentlessly fights against. The first two seasons of the series were huge successes in the UK. Matthew Lewis, the unforgettable Neville Longbottom from “Harry Potter”, recalled once in an interview with Interiathat “this is probably one of the best series produced by the BBC in recent years. I had the pleasure of working with the phenomenal Sarah Lancashire once again.”

“In the latest installment of the series, Catherine must solve a new case. Then an avalanche of events begins, leading her straight to the murderer and rapist Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton), who was hunted years ago and whom Catherine accuses of the death of her daughter. Meanwhile, the policewoman’s grandson, Ryan, is already sixteen years old and has his own idea of ​​a relationship with Tommy, a man whom Catherine still does not want to recognize as his father,” we read in the official description of the series.

The comedy series “Ghosts” follows the story of Alison and Mike, who live in a country estate inhabited by ghosts from different historical periods. The production was extremely popular, and over time, its American remake was also created.

“Sherwood” is another British crime story on our list. This time the action takes place in Nottinghamshire. Ian St Clair tries to solve a crime in a mining town, but not everything is as it seems. The news about the wrongdoing spreads around the area, and the social conflict, which had expired a few years earlier is now flared up again.

Detective series with Nikola Walker in the main role. The action of the series begins when the characters try to solve a crime that was committed 39 years earlier.

“It’s Gonna Hurt” is a seven-episode British medical series combining drama and comedy in perfect proportions. The story about a group of young doctors who gain professional experience by working in a hospital is based on the memories of Adam Kay, lan artist who later chose the life of a comedian and writer.

Interestingly, the main character of the series, Adam Kay, often breaks the fourth wall and addresses the viewer directly. And not only him. In the main role, Ben Whishaw, known as Q from Bond films (“Skyfall”, “Spectre”, “No Time to Die”), winner of a Golden Globe and Emmy for the series “A scandal, English style”.

Elizabeth Debicki (“The Crown”) played the lead role of Dr. Anna Macy in the eight-part Australian television series “The Kettering Incident,” which was filmed almost entirely in Tasmania. The plot of the series focuses on the fate of Macy, who is haunted by a mystery from her past. When the doctor was still a child, her best friend disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

The series adaptation of one of Jane Austen’s best novels was remembered by viewers thanks to Colin Firth’s performance. The production about the adventures of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy is still popular today.

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