Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Bookmakers react to Luna’s choice. How do they see her chance at Eurovision?

On Monday (February 19), TVP announced that she was the Polish representative at Eurovision she stayed Aleksandra Wielgomasoperating under a pseudonym Glow. The singer also introduced herself to the viewers of “Pytania na Śniadanie” and talked about the latest challenge.

As revealed on, the decision to select the Polish woman for Eurovision was made by a five-person jury. It included: Kasia Moś, Piotr Klatt, Michał Hanczak, Konrad Szczęsny and Łukasz Pieter.

The jurors selected 10 items and gave them points on a scale from 1 to 10. It turned out that Luna’s proposal – “The Tower” (listen) – received 34 points, a Justyna Steczkowska with the number “WITCH-ER Tarohoro” 33 points. They took third place in the voting – with the same result – Marcin Maciejczak and Dagadana and Kayah a song from the movie “Chłopi”.

Bookmakers, who are constantly analyzing the situation before the Eurovision Song Contest, quickly noticed the announcement of Luna as the Polish representative. However, certainly not as her fans would like. According to the latest quotations Poland ranks 21st out of 37 countrieswho will take part in the festival. After TVP’s decision, our country dropped six positions in the ranking of favorites to win the competition. Before the announcement Luna was in 15th place.

The representatives are considered favorites to win the entire competition Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, Israel and Sweden. Iceland, Belgium and Croatia will also be considered.

However, in this case, the bookmakers’ quotations do not yet include the division into semi-finals. At the moment, when we don’t know all the Eurovision proposals yet, Luna will easily qualify for the final of the competition.

Let us recall that the decision to announce Luna as Poland’s representative at Eurovision was not received with enthusiasm. Many fans appreciated the choice, but there was also a lot of outrage about the method of selection and the omission of Justyna Steczkowska.

“The selection rules should change and maybe it’s high time for the whole nation to decide without any jury,” we read. “Poland really needs fair and professional pre-selections. Making decisions behind closed doors is the worst that can happen. Jurors often do not feel Eurovision and do not follow trends and audience expectations. And the song? Well, it’s not bad, but I don’t predict its success. Nevertheless , Good luck!” – appealed.

Justyna Steczkowska made a slightly different request to the fans. She asked for support for her competitor.

“Don’t hate Luna, Please. It’s not easy to shoulder such responsibility, and if you trim its wings today, it will be difficult to rise above such heavy energy and put on a good Eurovision show. Keep your fingers crossed for her, just like I do. Good luck to the whole team!” she wrote

Glow (his real name is Ola Wielgomas and at the beginning of her career she performed under her own name and surname) has performed duets with Eurovision rivals: Justyna Steczkowska (“Not my dream”) i Marcin Maciejczak (“I’m not asking for more”). As she admitted in an interview with K-Mag, her nickname was created due to the strong influence of the moon that the singer feels in her life. Moreover, she admitted that she sometimes sleepwalks.

The singer was born on August 28, 1999 in Warsaw, and from an early age she was interested in music. She studied at PSM 1st degree. Tadeusz Baird in Grodzisk Mazowiecki (violin class), and in 2018 she started studies in artes liberales at the University of Warsaw.

Her serious professional steps began with cooperation with the Kayax label in 2018 as part of the “My Name is New” project, which was also when her debut single “On the hills of anxiety” was created. In June 2019, her single “Zastyga” was released, and the same year she performed, among others, during the Pol’and’Rock Festival.

In February 2020, thanks to cooperation with Michał “Fox” Król, the song “Luna” was created, heralding the singer’s new artistic path. Then she released the songs “Serca przemokną” and “Zgaś”.

In April 2022, the artist released her debut album “Nocne zmory”. – Singing in English makes it easier to go abroad. That’s why I decided to release this EP and that’s why I create in both Polish and English. With this English-language material, I want to open up to foreign markets – said Luna in an interview with Interia.