Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Before the concerts in Poland, she caused a scandal. Now LP apologizes to fans

LPThat is Laura Pergolizziis responsible for texts for the biggest stars in the world – including: Rihanna, Rita Ora, Cher and Christina Aguilera. Great fame, among others in Poland (platinum album) brought the album “Lost On You” from 2016. The title track from the album topped the charts, with the live version having over 1.3 billion plays (listen!), and the official music video recorded another over 538 million views.

Now the American of Italian-Irish descent (she uses the pronoun “it”) is promoting her seventh album “Love Lines”, released in September 2023.

The route is planned to include, among others: two concerts in Poland – March 2 in Warsaw (COS Torwar) and March 5 in Krakow (Klub Studio). On March 4, she was supposed to perform at the ┼Żalgiris Arena in Kaunas (Lithuania), but this event was canceled. This is the result of a scandal – on her Instagram profile she published a recording wearing a sweatshirt that she received as a gift from Russian fans. She also received a postcard signed on February 24 (the date of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine). LP herself explained that the postcard was made in 2020, when her concerts were canceled due to the pandemic. The singer thanked fans for the gifts, assuring in the video that she “loves Russia.”

The video quickly disappeared from her profile when calls to boycott LP’s concerts began to appear on social media. The organizers of the performance in Kaunas issued a special message in which they expressed support for fighting Ukraine and informed about the cancellation of the performance.

“We will not tolerate messages supporting the aggressor,” they emphasized in a statement, also giving a signal to other artists planning concerts in Lithuania.

LP issued an apology in an Instagram story.

“I would like to apologize to my friends and fans in Ukraine who were rightly offended and hurt by my thoughtless post in which I thanked Russian fans for making me a sweatshirt with the Russian flag. I sincerely regret my lack of intuition at that moment. It was a mistake. I’m sorry. I would like to emphasize that I love and support Ukraine and always will,” the American said.

The album “Love Lines”, created during sessions on the island of Grand Cayman and Palm Springs, was recorded together with Ashton Irwin (5 Seconds Of Summer), Andrew Berkeley Martin (Palade Royale) and Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Matthew Pauling.

“This album is the essence of myself and what I have been doing, cultivating and trying to understand all my life. As a human being, I feel more and more concentrated, more coherent – with every damn year I am more and more myself. Like coffee to which you have to add water, because it is fifteen times too strong,” said LP.

“I want the listener to relax and calm down, allowing him to absorb all the emotions contained in the songs. In this way, the music will be able to speak to his soul in exactly the way the listener desires,” she added.

To the single “One Like You” a music video was created, directed by Juan David Salazar (including Moby, LP). Shot in Prague, the video presents an exciting narrative set in a 1930s cabaret club. LP plays the role of a spy involved in a game with the highest stakes. The story brings suspense, sexual tension and the motif of a daring robbery. LP’s character in the music video is an homage to the previous music videos “One Last Time” (2021) and “Goodbye” (2022).