Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Batu Caves in Malaysia made easier for tourists. Escalators will be built

. The short distance from the capital makes this unusual religious place eagerly visited not only by believers, but above all by tourists who want to see one of Malaysia’s landmarks with their own eyes.

Although the limestone rock in which the Batu Caves are embedded is estimated to be about 400 million years old, the discovery of the caves itself took place relatively recently, at the end of the 19th century. The largest of them, called the Cathedral Cave, is 100 meters high, and it was decided to turn its interior into a temple of the Hindu god of war, Murugan. This is the central place of Batu Caves, accessed by an impressive staircase – . The 272 steps have been repainted in a way that some people associate with a rainbow, others with a peacock’s tail.

Initially, adding bright colors to the stairs was met with mixed opinions and also aroused legal controversy. The aim of the originators of this initiative was to refresh the image and attract more visitors.

The solution seems to be a natural response to the needs of pilgrims and tourists who, due to mobility limitations, are unable to climb the almost 300 steps on their own. As the chairman of the temple committee, R. Nadarajah, said:

An exhausting climb will not prevent you from visiting one of the most important places of worship in Malaysia.

Construction is scheduled to start after January 25. The date was not chosen randomly. It is associated with a moveable feast that falls on this day Thaipusam, which is celebrated with particular pomp not only in Malaysia, but also in Singapore and southern India. On this day, crowds of pilgrims appear in the Batu Caves area, creating colorful processions.

At this point, it is difficult to say precisely when the construction of the escalators will be completed. The exact costs were also not provided. However, it is estimated that they will amount to 35 million Malaysian ringgits, i.e. approximately PLN 29.5 million.

Source: CNN Travel