Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Atlas” with Jennifer Lopez: Netflix's big flop

Netflix's latest sci-fi film doesn't have an easy start. The film appeared on streaming yesterday (May 24), and the atmosphere on Rotten Tomatoes is already boiling. Unfortunately, the resulting reactions are not what the creators expected.

At this point, the average rating of all critics is 3.9 out of 10 and has already gained the status of “Rotten”. This is not a good start.

The reviews are dominated by negative opinions; the film is criticized lack of character depth, too slow pace, unexciting world, cheap aesthetics and formulaic nature. There were also voices supporting and opposing AI. Rodrigo Perez from “The Playlist” wrote:

“'Atlas' is very monotonous and bland from the very beginning. It almost feels… ugh, as if it were generated by artificial intelligence; he lacks any sense of personality or soul“.

Robert Kojder from “Flickering Myth” also used harsh words: “There is nothing valuable in this AI propaganda that insults cinema, humanity and artistic creation“.

Viewer ratings are slightly more favorable; at this point the average is 3.3 out of 5.

“Atlas” is a sci-fi film that tells the story of a talented data analyst, Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez). When he takes part in a mission in which he must capture a rebellious robot, despite reluctance and prejudice, she is forced to cooperate with artificial intelligence. This is the only way he can save the world.