Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Alicja Pawlicka is dead. The actress was the wife of television legend Jan Suzin. She was 90 years old

Alicja Pawlicka died on March 7. Only on Monday, March 12, late in the evening, information about the actress’ death appeared on the official Facebook profile of

“On March 7, the actress Alicja Pawlicka, who performed at the Polish Theater in Warsaw in 1954-94, died at the age of 90,” the entry reads.

The actress is remembered by friends and acquaintances.

“There was a time when we met regularly to hear from her stories about pre-war actors with whom she had the opportunity to play at the Polish Theater. These meetings resulted in an interesting interview. She couldn’t say anything bad about her colleagues, and as it seemed to her she said something that could have been considered inappropriate, apologized and backed away. Her gentleness was endearing. We tried to contact her a few weeks ago, but she no longer answered the phone. We knew that she had broken her leg a year ago. We were concerned but at the same time convinced that we just call at the wrong time… Unfortunately… We express our condolences to the Actress’s family and friends. We are very sorry,” you can read on the Facebook profile.

Alicja Pawlicka was born on May 12, 1933 in Warsaw. In 1955, she graduated from the Acting Department of the State Drama School in Warsaw. In the years 1955-94 Alicja Pawlicka performed at the Polish Theater in Warsaw. She has appeared in over 40 films, series and television shows.

She could be seen in such productions as “Life in the Hot”, “Lake of Curiosities”, “The Hour of the Crimson Rose”, “The Other Shore”, “The Ides of March”, “A Big Man for Small Business”, “Measure for Measure”, “magic lantern”.

Jan Suzin emphasized that Alicja Pawlicka was the love of his life. They met in 1958 behind the scenes of a television show in which the actress played.

“When we left the make-up room, Janek invited me for a walk. (…) It was pleasant, and at the end he took me home in a taxi. We said goodbye, but from then on we met each other every day and something very beautiful began… From that From the day until the day he left, we lived together,” the actress recalled in an interview that can be read on the website

Jan Suzin and Alicja Pawlicka got married after seven years. The actress’s career was interrupted by her husband’s illness. Pawlicka was associated with the legendary announcer for over 50 years, until his death in 2012.