Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Aleksander Fabisiak was buried at the Rakowicki Cemetery. The actor lost his battle with sepsis

“A good, gentle, modest, cheerful man. Although he could play a real thug, so much so that your skin crawled. He was a great actor, our colleague from the Stary Theater, a gentleman. Class, tact, charm and sense of humor – that’s how we will remember him” – she said goodbye Aleksander Fabisiak rector of the Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow Dorota Segda.

She added that the actor was loved at AST, where he worked as a teacher, then deputy dean and dean of the Acting Faculty. “He brought a new quality in the treatment of students, directness, respect, partnership. And he had a really great authority based on the foundation of his wonderful roles played at the Stary Theater. After all, he played with Swinarski, it was for us at that time a model of acting from Sèvres, outstanding acting,” she emphasized Dorota Segda.

During the ceremony, the director of the National Stary Theater, Waldemar Raźniak, recalled that Aleksander Fabisiak created on the stages at ul. Jagiellońska and Starowiślna, nearly 70 creations, working with the most outstanding artists. As he pointed out, his Ivan Shatov in “The Fiends” directed by Andrzej Wajda, Demetrius in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” directed by Konrad Swinarski or Clotaldo in “Life is a Dream” directed by Jerzy Jarocki’s works have become a permanent part of the history of Polish theater. Fabisiak played his last role in Stary in 2012 – he played Smarkul in “Chłopce” by Stanisław Grochowiak.

“We will especially remember the role in ‘Forefathers’ Eve’ by Konrad Swinarski, ‘November Night’ and ‘Mishima’ by Andrzej Wajda, ‘The Saragossa Manuscript’ by Tadeusz Bradecki, ‘Trans-Atlantyk’ and ‘Tango Gombrowicz’ by Mikołaj Grabowski,” noted Raźniak. He added that he was also “a patient, sensitive and dedicated teacher, passionate about sharing his rich stage experience and boundless love for the theater.” “This feeling accompanied him until the end,” he emphasized.

In addition to his excellent theater roles, the actor also created many films and TV series. He is remembered by viewers for his roles in the films: “The Master”, “Wherever You Are, Mr. President”, “Psy”, “The Young Wolf 12”, “Life as a Deadly Sexually Transmitted Disease”, “The Ball at the Koluszki Station” , “Katyń” or “Afterimage”.

His well-known and popular series incarnations come from such television productions as “Kryminalni”, “Up to the ceiling!”, “Now or never!” or “Agata’s Law”.

He last acted in front of the camera in 2019 – in the short film “Gorycz” by Jakub Jasek.

Aleksander Fabisiak died on February 9 at the age of 78 after losing his battle with sepsis. He was a theater and film actor, from 1967 for 45 years associated with the Stary Theater in Krakow. He was born in 1945 in Katowice. He graduated from the Academy of Theater Arts. S. Wyspiański, where he later lectured, and in the years 1993-1999 he was the dean of the Faculty of Acting.