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Jacob Mendez

“Akacjowa 38”. When is the final? Date of the last episode of the Spanish series

“Akacjowa 38” is a Spanish costume production that presents the fate of characters living in Madrid at 38 Akacjowa Street at the beginning of the 20th century. The series begins with dramatic events in the life of the main character – Carmen.

We meet Carmen as a pregnant woman living under the same roof with her aggressive husband – Just, who does not care about her at all. One night, the aggressor tries to rape his wife. In an act of self-defense, Carmen hits the man on the head with a hard object.

After these dramatic events, Carmen, certain of Just’s death, buries him in the forest and runs away from the city with her mother – Teresa, taking valuable things, such as her husband’s watch, gold chain, wedding ring and money. On the way, she gives birth to a daughter, Inocencia, whom she leaves in a monastery shelterbut he intends to come back for her.

Finally, the women reach Carmen’s brother – Pablo, who calls the doctor – German, who saves the main character’s life. He is the one who suggests women change their identity. Carmen takes the name Manuela, and Teresa – Guadalupe. Mother and daughter are employed as maids in a guesthouse at 38 Akacjowa Street. Here we follow their further fate.

The series “Akacjowa 38” is broadcast from Monday to Saturday on TVP2 at 6:45 p.m.. In Spain, the production consisted of 1,483 episodes, but in Poland there will be many more (approx. 2,000) because they are shorter.

We will be able to follow the fate of the characters for a few more years if Polish Television broadcasts all seasons of “Akacjowa 38”. The date of the last episode of the series is 2027.

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