Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Stories about longing and chasing desires. Short films from the Warsaw Film School in arthouse cinemas

Three excellent short films, which were made at the Warsaw Film School in 2023, will be available to watch in arthouse cinemas throughout Poland from March 8. Who are the heroines of these women’s stories?

Teen Mila (“To paradise”) lost the will and strength to live. She feels unseen by her loved ones, even when she tries to talk about how she feels. Rita (“Those damn peonies”), despite intense search, does not find satisfaction in her intimate life and is unable to establish contact with her body. In turn, Zofia and Anna (“My old”) meet after many years and set out on a journey together to rediscover the feelings that once connected them – the main roles in the film were played movingly Dorota Pomykała and Dorota Stalińska.

Each heroine decides to take a risk and cross her boundaries – geographical, bodily and norms imposed by society. All films were directed by female creators from the young generation who carefully look at the place of women in the modern world.

Marta Szymanek (“To paradise”) is a psychologist by education and a passionate screenwriter and director. Co-creator of the twice-awarded Eagle “Wataha” and author of the concept and script of the series “Thaw”.

Polina Biliaieva (“Those damn peonies”) was born in Kharkov. Her diploma film “Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin” received an award at the KINOKO festival in Kiev.

Natasza Parzymies (“My old”) is the author of the famous series “Control”, about the turbulent feelings of two girls. She is also the creator, director and co-writer of the miniseries “Random”, the first Polish series combining a radio play and a film. The project received two gold Effie statuettes.

The titles presented in the set were produced by the Warsaw Film School and took part in Short Film Competition on last year 48th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia.